Ireland: Report from the Second Irish Falun Dafa Conference

The 24 November was the date of the second Irish Falun Dafa Experience sharing conference in Dublin, Ireland. Practitioners from countries including Ireland, England, France and Hong Kong attended. The atmosphere at the conference was solemn and serene.

There were 13 experiences formally shared at the conference; including the experiences of four English practitioners who are participating in a continual appeal in front of the Chinese Embassy in London and an Irish practitioner who spoke about how being in a wheelchair affects his cultivation and Dafa activities.

Irish practitioner sharing her experiences
Audience listening attentively

After the conclusion of the conference, all participants posed for a group photograph.

Group Photograph

On the 23 November, a parade was held through the centre of Dublin. Practitioners performed a traditional Chinese dance during the parade, which showed the beauty of Dafa. Even though it rained throughout the day, we felt that people held a respect for our activities in that we would not be held back by any external influence. One reporter commented positively on the parade, saying that it was the most imaginative event that we had organised. The parade continued on to the Foreign Ministers Office, where practitioners handed in a letter of appeal to the Irish Foreign Minister, Mr. Brian Cowen T.D.

Traditional Chinese fan dance through Dublin city centre

Parade Through Dublin

Handing in a letter to the Irish Foreign Minister
Rainbow marking our activities

Overall, the two days were a huge success. More people came to know the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. The heavens also seemed to celebrate with us; a rainbow marked the magnificence of our activities!

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