My Cultivation in Fa-Rectification

By Colm Quinn

Greetings Teacher, Greeting's Fellow Disciples.

I would like to share with you my cultivation in Fa-Rectification. I hope you will find my story encouraging, and a testament to the power of our mighty Dafa.

I was first introduced to cultivation when I was 17 years old. I found a yoga book in my house. When I read about cultivation and meditation, I became very interested and put a lot of effort into it. I became disinterested in worldly affairs. It seemed that no matter how much effort I put into cultivation, I would always stay at the same level, and I could not truly upgrade myself. I started to read many other cultivation books and texts explaining the meaning of life. I started practising Tai-Chi and other systems. I would read books and books on supernormal phenomena and other things that I always wondered about. But nobody could explain these things properly. They all tried to explain them in a round-about way. It is just like Teacher states in Zhuan Falun [The main text of Falun Gong]: “without knowing the Fa [Law and principles of Falun Gong] of high levels, one cannot move up in cultivation practice.” No matter how hard I tried, I was just an elementary school pupil in cultivation practice.

At this time, I wanted to look for a Teacher to teach me. I even wanted to go to India to cultivate in a cave for a year. At the same time, I started to see many bad phenomena in society. I wondered why people treated each other so badly, competing and fighting for personal gain. I thought to myself, “How can things continue to go on like this? What will it be like in the future if this continues?” One night I went for a walk. I was looking up at the stars, thinking to myself, “I don’t want to be like everyone else. I don’t want to do bad things anymore, I want to be a good person and I want to help make the world a better place.” It was at this point that a star I was looking at suddenly seemed to move and get brighter and brighter, and started to come toward me. I thought I was imagining things. It was like a big light in the sky, gently gliding through the air. It did not make any sound. It was not a plane or a helicopter, and it was certainly not a “natural phenomena”. It came closer and closer towards me, until I eventually got scared and ran away! When talking about this to Dafa practitioners later about my experience, I believe that it was at this time that my Buddha-nature began to emerge, my wish to practise cultivation, and my prehistoric vow to assist Teacher Li in Fa-rectification. It is like what Teacher says in Lecture 2 of Zhuan Falun [Law and priciples of Falun Gong], “Once this person thinks about taking the path of cultivation practice and once this thought occurs, it shines like gold, shaking the world in ten directions.” I now believe that the light was a big Falun, and a sign from Teacher as my Buddha-nature emerged and my wish to help in the Fa-rectification.

In college, I studied computer science. From a very early age I was always interested in computers. I can see now that Teacher was making arrangements for me from a very early age and for what I would do later in the Fa-rectification. However, in college I fell into the big dye-vat of ordinary people. I became just like everyone else, drinking alcohol and doing drugs, living an impure life. I became very depressed and dissatisfied with life. This went on for about three years, until my final year in college when I again made the decision to become a good person and practise cultivation. It was at this time that I saw a poster in college: Falun Dafa, a high-level qigong based on the principles of the universe, Truth, Compassion, Forbearance. I thought to myself, “this sounds interesting, but who can say that Truth, Compassion, Forbearance are the principles of the universe?” I considered myself quite knowledgeable in metaphysical matters, and I had never heard anything like that before. Nevertheless, I went along to the Falun Dafa class, and learnt the exercises. I found it very enjoyable, and I felt very comfortable and peaceful as I practised. I read China Falun Gong. The first sentence I read in “Lunyu” challenged many notions I had at the time, “The Buddha Fa is most profound; among all the theories in the world, it is the most intricate and extraordinary science.” I thought to myself, “What about all the other systems I have practised? Who can say that Falun Dafa is more profound than any other theory in the world?” However, I decided to have an open mind and read it. I found it quite interesting, but I did not really understand it. Many notions were preventing me from seeing the deeper principles of the Fa at this time.

After a few weeks, I stopped practising and went back to being an everyday person again. A few months later I broke up with my girlfriend, and I began to feel severely depressed. This went on for two years, until May 2001 when a friend of mine suggested I take up Qigong [Modern term for traditional cultivation practice] to help with my depression. I remembered the Falun Dafa classes I had attended over two years before. During my first reading session, while reading ‘Falun Buddha Law – Lecture in the United States’, I felt that my mind was opening up. Teacher Li’s insight and the power of the Fa penetrated beyond the depths of my depression. As Teacher talked about dimensions and other phenomena, I instantly accepted it, and found it fascinating! This time there was no obstruction from my human notions, and I really did believe that “The Buddha Fa is most profound”! I felt better than I had done in years, and this was in the space of just a couple of hours.

I could not believe how powerful Falun Dafa was. I was overjoyed to finally be happy again, and to have something to live for. I wanted to give something back to Dafa, because I felt that I had been born again and had been given a new life. Inspired by my quick recovery, two days later I went with the other practitioners in Dublin to clarify the truth and assist in the Fa-rectification. After reading about the persecution, I could not believe what was happening to the practitioners in China and how much they suffer. I wanted to help expose the evil and show people how great a practice Falun Dafa is. My first task was to be filmed on a national TV program, practising the exercises with the other practitioners in Dublin. I had barely even learnt the exercises properly, yet I was appearing on television and helping Teacher to rectify the Fa! About one week later, I started going to Grafton Street with the other practitioners, one of the busiest shopping streets in Dublin, to do Hongfa [Spreading the Fa] and clarify the truth. A couple of weeks previously I would have found it incredibly difficult simply to walk down the street, due to fear and lack of energy. Now I was able to display myself in front of the public, talk to complete strangers with confidence and help to rectify the Fa in the centre of the capital city. I also found it a precious environment to get rid of my attachments, such as my fame and reputation and what people would think of me.

I began reading Zhuan Falun, and once I started I could not put it down. I read many more of Teacher’s books in a short space of time, and as I continued to read the Fa, I felt better and better. So many things suddenly became clear to me, and the questions I had pondered all my life were answered. I knew that this was what I had been searching for my whole life. I thought to myself, “Who is this Teacher who can see such high levels? Who is this Teacher whose teachings contain countless layers of Buddhas, Daos and Gods? Who is this Teacher who can explain the questions I have pondered all my life in just a few short words?” Then it soon became clear to me: “The Lord of Buddhas, whose mercy is incredibly immense, has left the Buddha Fa to man” (Remaking Mankind, Essentials I). I could not believe my great fortune at obtaining something so sacred and precious.

I began to have quite strange experiences. When I was practising, I felt like my hands were floating by themselves as I felt the energy mechanisms revolving.

After a month, I went to my first Fa conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. Meeting practitioners from all over the world came, I felt that I had come home to my true family. One day, while we were practising, a big sun-ring appeared in the sky. I looked up in amazement, I had never seen anything like it, a big rainbow around the sun. It seemed like a door into another dimension, and though I could not see anything, I could feel in my heart that there were many Buddhas, Daos, and Gods watching us, and that they were very happy for us and for what we are doing in the Fa-rectification. It was just as Teacher says, “The immeasurable and countless Buddhas, Daos, and Gods in the cosmos and the beings in even larger cosmic bodies are all watching everything on this tiny speck of dust in the cosmos.” (Towards Consummation, Essentials II). After a big parade through the streets of Gothenburg, practitioners held a press conference to clarify the truth. I felt that there were countless Gods safeguarding the Fa and watching over us there. In July 2002, I had the great honour of listening to our Teacher teach the Fa at the conference in Washington DC. Tears streamed from my eyes as I watched Teacher lecture. I could not believe how lucky I was to see Him.

Having experienced such wonderful things, I became very determined in assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification. I knew that I had to work hard to be worthy of being called a Fa-rectification Period Dafa disciple. I had the great privilege of being asked to help on the Clearharmony website. This is my primary task in the Fa-rectification. Teacher says in His article To the Clear Harmony Website of Europe, “This site is created to clarify the truth, to expose the evil’s persecution, and to save the world’s people. Also, you should realize the effect media has on the general public. It is extremely important in terms of people learning the truth about Dafa, saving the world’s people, and exposing the evil; and, its influence is enormous.” I would like to encourage my fellow European practitioners to contribute articles to our website. Clearharmony is a very powerful tool in the Fa-rectification, and European practitioners have a great environment and opportunity to reach and save many sentient beings in China and all over the world by writing their experiences in Dafa and letting the world’s people know who we are and what we are about.

Throughout my path of Fa-rectification I have had many tribulations and tests. Probably my most difficult attachment to relinquish was that of reaching Consummation. Having obtained the Fa relatively late, I felt that I always needed to catch up with my fellow disciples. When doing Dafa work, I would always think of how much mighty virtue I could accumulate, rather than how I could best help Teacher with a pure-heart. For a while, my personal cultivation became more important to me than the Fa-rectification. In Zhuan Falun, Teacher says, “In offering salvation to people, there is no condition or consideration for cost, reward, or fame. They are thus far more noble than the heroes of everyday people. They do it completely out of their benevolent compassion.” (Lecture 2, Zhuan Falun). I realised that this was a lack of genuine compassion on my part to all sentient beings and it was a strong pursuit of mine. As I study more, and realise the sacredness of what we are doing, I have begun to let go of this attachment. I decided to dissolve into the Fa-rectification. I also find that when I have a pure heart to help Teacher, I will improve very quickly. Teacher only looks at our hearts, and if we are pure, Teacher will help us overcome anything. Now it is not really important to me if I reach Consummation or not, I just want to do the best I can in Fa-rectification.

Being so busy with Dafa work, I sometimes find it difficult to calm down and study the Fa and I find that I often neglect Fa-study. And sometimes, I would just be an ordinary person doing Dafa work. Teacher continually emphasises that in order to do a good job in Fa-rectification, we must study the Fa a lot and with a calm mind. From my understanding, when we study the Fa, we are assimilating to the requirements of the new cosmos, and only then can we do Fa-rectification effectively. But if we don’t study the Fa, we are likely to be restrained by the old forces deviated arrangements and by the principles of the old cosmos. So only by studying the Fa a lot can it be true Fa-rectification which meets the standard of the new cosmos.

Last month, I went to Houston to help lessen the persecution of my fellow practitioners in China. As I was there, I felt the powerful righteous thoughts and Gong [Cultivation energy] from Dafa disciples all over the world converging in the hotel. I felt that our bodies in other dimensions were incredibly huge and indestructible, like diamond, and that the evil was terrified by the power of Dafa disciples and did not stand a chance against us. Practitioners there were so determined in their righteous thoughts, through heavy rain and other distractions, and it seemed that no matter what happened, practitioners would remain steadfast, safeguard the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. I found it very touching and encouraging.

I often ask Teacher, “Out of all the sentient beings in the cosmos, why did you choose me to help you do Fa-rectification. Out of all the countless and magnificent Buddhas, Daos and Gods in the immense universe, why am I so lucky to be a Fa-Rectification Period Dafa disciple?” Often I cry when I enlighten to what Teacher has done for us. I will never understand our Teacher’s Compassion, and I can never be grateful enough to Teacher or be worthy of His Benevolence. Just as Teacher said, “You're the luckiest being in the cosmos. You're a Dafa student, and even Gods in the heavens are envious of you" (Falun Buddha Law - Lecture at the Australia Fa Conference). Now I just do my best to help Teacher in Fa-rectification, and be grateful for “Buddha’s infinite grace”.

These are only my own experiences and the manifestation of Fa at my own limited level. “The great Fa is boundless”, so please take the Fa as Teacher, and if you have your own or better understandings, please feel free to share so that we can all improve as one body of Dafa.

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