Germany: Letter of Response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office Regarding the Case of Xiong Wei

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Specialist for Human Rights Policies and Humanitarian Aid

Berlin, November 14, 2002

Re: Human Rights in China
Mrs. Xiong Wei

Dear Mrs. [name omitted]

You had previously brought our attention to the case of Xiong Wei as far back as January 2002. Our representatives in Beijing have contacted their Foreign Ministry repeatedly in this matter. In addition, representatives from the German government had brought up the subject during political discussions on the occasion of the visit of the head of state, Jiang Zemin, to Germany in April. The German representatives handed their Chinese counterparts a list of the names of people who were deprived of their human rights, among them also Xiong Wei.

Our representatives in Beijing had again intervened with the person dealing with these issues through the proper channels in Beijing on November 12th. Inquiries were specific, regarding the fate of those on the above-mentioned list. Our representatives in Beijing particularly inquired about the status of Xiong Wei. The German counterpart in Beijing promised to give this matter his full attention. The legation will continue to monitor this case.

You already know about Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer’s comments regarding human rights in connection with Falun Gong during the Geneva conference. The German government is using every opportunity to tell the Chinese [government] that Germany does not tolerate harsh measures against Falun Gong in China. I myself am using every available opportunity to discuss this with my Chinese counterparts and to work toward an end of the discrimination and abuse against Falun Gong followers and their release [from detention].


Gerd Popp (signature)
[Original text in German]

Translated on Wednesday, November 20, 2002

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