Texas: Falun Dafa Photo Exhibition in front of a Chinese Supermarket

By practitioners from Texas

In order to fully utilise photos to clarify the truth about Falun Gong, practitioners from Dallas, Texas actively sought out opportunities to hold photo exhibitions. Practitioners noticed that a constant flow of Asians, including Chinese, shop at the Hong Kong Supermarket and it would be good to clarify the truth here. So practitioners got in touch with the manager. It was very encouraging that the supermarket manager welcomed us to hold photo exhibition and told us that we could conduct photo exhibitions there any time later free of charge.

After holding the Falun Dafa photo exhibition at the Hong Kong Supermarket in Dallas last month, on November 16, and 17, we conducted a photo exhibition regarding Dafa's spreading all over the world in front of the Hong Kong Supermarket in the city of Arlington. The effect was quite good. In the morning, although it was very cold and windy, there were still lots of people shopping here since it was the weekend. When we set up the display boards, many people stopped to look at the photos carefully. Some of them looked at the photos for a long time. It was clear that the spectacular scene of Dafa's worldwide spread interested them and gave them some food for thought. After looking at the photos that illustrated the brutal persecution, a few Vietnamese Chinese were filled with indignation. They came over to chat with the practitioners and condemned the inhuman persecution. Some people looked at the photos showing practitioners' exercise demonstration and immediately expressed their interest in learning Falun Gong. They left their contact information and hoped to learn the Falun Gong exercises with us.

The practitioners also put various truth-clarifying materials and VCDs at both sides of the display boards, so that the visitors could get more information. Many people naturally picked up the truth-clarifying materials after viewing the photos. The VCDs were especially popular, as we ran out of them and had to get more from Dallas for the next day.

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