The "610 Office" in Xiantao City Sends Many Dafa Practitioners to Brainwashing Classes and Labour Camps

Recently, after personnel from the"610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] in Xiantao City, Hubei Province tortured Dafa practitioner Zhang Aijiao to death, they acted even more irrationally, arresting and kidnapping Dafa practitioners and sending them to forced labour camps. They did not even spare elders in their 50's and 60's.

The "610 Office" thugs hired unemployed hoodlums with huge sums of money, to monitor, follow, and tap the telephones of practitioners. They also threatened the related work units and practitioners' relatives with high-pressure tactics and making use of the implication policy to massively search and arrest Dafa practitioners who were forced to live in exile to avoid further persecution. [Ancient Chinese feudal society upheld an "implication law," which meant that if one person violated the law, all of his family members and friends would be punished. The punishment ranged from exile to the execution of entire families.]

Simply for practising Falun Gong exercises outside, Dafa practitioners Wang Dongmei and Fan Sihua were sentenced to two years of forced labour "re-education" in the Shayang Labour Camp. The labour camp rejected Fan Sihua because she didn't pass the health assessment; however, people from the "610 Office" would not release her. Instead, she was taken to a brainwashing class for further persecution. Dafa practitioners Xiao Hongbin, Zhu Shouqing, Zhang Yuzhi, and "old Yang" were kidnapped by the police on their way to distribute truth-clarifying materials and were illegally sentenced to two years of forced labour "re-education." Dafa practitioner Liu Hongxiu was kidnapped from home into the Shayang Labour Camp at the end of October. This is the second round of persecution she has suffered since the labour camp authorities rejected her in May when she failed the health exam.

Xiantao City officials held a brainwashing class at Xinli Renkou last November (2001). Because of Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous acts, the class disbanded. Recently, these same people arrested over ten Dafa practitioners and held a brainwashing class in a remote area of the former Treasury Department in Yuanmagang Township to persecute Dafa practitioners. To prevent their evil deeds from being exposed, they tried their best to hide the facts. Now it is known that practitioners Du, Liu (from Huangjing District), Fu (a teacher in No. 8 Middle School), Hu Youfa (staff of National Taxation Office), Fan Sihua and other Dafa practitioners have been illegally detained.

We hope all levels of governments and organizations all over the world and all kind-hearted people pay attention to the persecution of Dafa practitioners in this area.

Major criminals who persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners:

Du Zuobiao: Chief Secretary of Xiantao Municipal Government, in charge of the"610 office"

Zheng Zhangguo: Chief of the"610 Office," Tel: 86-728-3250413 (office),

86-728-3278169 (home), 86-13807229578 (mobile phone)

He Guohua: Deputy Chief of the"610 Office," 86-728-3231736 (home), 86-728-8891993

610 Office: 86-728-3250415, post code: 433000

Zhu Chongde: Deputy Chief of City Police Department, 86-1370-7226066 (mobile phone)

Peng Bangting: Chief of National Security Section of City Police Department, 86-728-3222810 (office),

86-728-3204529 (home); 86-1390-7225799; (mobile phone)

Zhou Guohuai: Deputy Chief of the National Security Section/City Police Department

The police hotline: 86-728-3222777

Main switchboard of the City Police Department: 86-728-3222810A3222552

National Security Section of City Police Department: 86-728-3222552 ext. 2076

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