UK Government Clarify to the HK Government: "legislation should be consistent with the principles of the Joint Declaration"

In response to the question on 4 November by Lord Hylton regarding the widely opposed anti-subversion law in Hong Kong, UK Foreign Ministry minister Baroness Amos stated: "Her Majesty's Government have closely followed developments in Hong Kong, in line with our responsibilities as a co-signatory to the Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong."

The Hong Kong government has proposed to introduce a highly draconian Article-23 legislation, which would effectively hand over to China the power to ban any organisation it dislikes, thereby making a mockery of the principle of a high degree of autonomy for Hong Kong as enshrined in the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Baroness Amos said in her written reply "We have made clear to the SAR [Hong Kong] Government our view that any legislation should be consistent with the principles of the Joint Declaration and the two UN human rights covenants"

Regarding the controversial position of the Hong Kong government to refuse publication of the exact wording of the proposed law, Baroness Amos stated "The precise wording of any legislation will be of crucial importance. We are aware that many commentators on Hong Kong have urged that the text of the proposed legislation be published before it is tabled in the Legislative Council. We hope that the SAR Government will use the consultation period to clarify the details of the legislation."


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