Reflections of an Irish Practitioner on his Appeal and Violent Detention in China

Through practising Falun Dafa, I have become a person of good moral character. I have also become healthier, both physically and mentally. Through studying the profound teachings of Teacher Li, many things that were once mysteries have been revealed to me. I have gained so much yet nothing is asked of me in return. I thoroughly recommend this practice to everyone.

I am a student of Trinity College in Dublin and in March of this year I travelled to China to help fellow Trinity student Zhao Ming return to his studies. Ming was being held in a Chinese labour camp because he practised Falun Dafa. I failed to meet Ming in China, so I decided to appeal for an end of the ban of Falun Dafa by going to Tiananmen Square. The reason I went is because I cannot understand why a government would want to persecute 100 million good people. I wanted to tell the Chinese people that they are being lied to, they are being used and they are being incited to hate good people for no reason.

When I went I did not mind being arrested. The people in the police stations, who do bad things against practitioners, may actually do so because they believe the propaganda - that Falun Dafa is bad and Falun Dafa practitioners are bad people. I wanted to tell these people the truth as well, in the hope they would stop beating good people.

In the police station I was beaten up a number of times but I continued to adhere to Teacher Li’s teachings of being considerate of others in all situations. I continued to tell them the truth of Falun Dafa and some of them listened. Occasionally they exercised restraint, I think due to the fact I am a westerner.

Some of the police told me that they feel trapped in this job and do not want to treat people this way, but they have families and bills that must be paid. They knew themselves they were moving away from what it means to be human, treating good people so savagely. I hope more people can learn the truth and this situation can change. Through studying Falun Dafa I was able to face such a terrible situation with calmness, rationality and a benevolent heart.

If I had the chance to speak to the Chinese people, I would say: “Please take the time to read our leaflets carefully, it has taken much effort to reach your hands and it is precious. Falun Dafa practitioners pay for everything from their own pockets and our wish is that you understand the true facts of the situation in China and in some way try to help us to end the persecution. By taking care of this leaflet, you will be able to pass it to another person and play a part in ending this persecution. When this terrible persecution ends you can say you helped.”

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