A British Practitioner’s Experiences in Mexico

On the day I arrived in Los Cabos, locals in a nearby town I passed through were discussing a powerful hurricane (force 4) that was due to hit Mexico. It was quite possible that it would hit the Los Cabos area on the following day, the day of Jiang’s arrival. On that day, however, Hurricane Kenna changed course causing devastation on Mexico’s Pacific mainland coast instead. Los Cabos experienced two nights of unseasonable torrential rain.

It was very appropriate for Falun Gong to appeal at the Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC)as, in addition to Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin, there were many world leaders and international media present. Also, much of their discussion focused on terrorism. I was advised that practitioners had held a number of meetings with senior Mexican politicians and the media to discuss the terror that is taking place in China. It was anticipated that these politicians would brief the Mexican president prior to APEC. It seems that most already knew a little about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners; they were very concerned and pleased to offer any support they could. They were forewarned that Jiang might try circulating a blacklist of people to prevent them getting into Mexico. I understand that this happened, but that no one was refused entry.

It was clear that the Chinese government had applied pressure just before Jiang’s arrival, as three coaches arrived to partly block his view of any practitioners. A few practitioners managed to move in front of the buses, however, and were in plain view of the motorcade. Generally, the police and security were friendly and supportive, readily accepting truth-clarifying materials. The Mexican people responded with great warmth and friendliness to Falun Gong. Many local people joined practitioners to learn the exercises in the local square, and many children were able to practise the exercises proficiently in a very short space of time.

Three practitioners described how they went to the hotel where Jiang was involved in the APEC meeting. Even though they were wearing Dafa clothes, security allowed them into the garden. It was as if their presence was prearranged and doors flung open for them. There were members of Jiang’s entourage around them who clearly saw the clothes, but they were left undisturbed to send forth righteous thoughts [using powerful good thoughts to purify the surrounding environment] for many hours.

After APEC, I travelled through two towns on the Mexican mainland, including one that had been badly hit by the hurricane. I distributed Spanish Dafa fliers and newspapers to local people. Everyone was happy to accept them with a smile and seemed very open and receptive to Falun Dafa.

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