“For the rest of your life, remember: Falun Dafa Is Good!” - What Happened at Mexico Airport

Reported by a UK practitioner

Around 8am on the morning of 28th October 2002, when the activities during the Chinese dictator’s visit to Mexico were coming to an end, four Dafa practitioners from Los Angeles, a practitioner from Albania (currently living in Canada) and a practitioner from the UK arrived in SJD airport to board a plane to Dallas. Before we left our hotel, we had known that the delegation from China would arrive at the airport around the same time as us. A practitioner from Los Angeles came across with the cars of the Chinese Delegation on her way back to the Departure Hall after returning a hired car. She then, on her own, unfurled a small yellow banner with words in English reading, “Stop Persecuting Falun Gong!” When she got back to the Departure Hall she told other practitioners what had happened a few minutes ago. We decided that the Albanian and the UK practitioner should stay in the line to check in and look after the luggage, whilst the four US practitioners should go to the boarding area of the Chinese Delegation, in order to take any opportunity to appeal for Dafa.

However, the police closed the gates of the Departure Hall and allowed the public to come in to the checking-in area only. One of the US practitioners was told that she should get on board the plane as soon as possible. Because it was not possible to approach the boarding area and the time for checking-in was due, we all checked in. It was only 20 minutes before the plane departed. But Dafa is really miraculous: when a practitioner’s mind is pure and righteous, the opportunity will come automatically. After we got out of the waiting area, we saw a plane marked with the words “Air China”! Around the plane, quite a few members of the Chinese Delegation were waiting for boarding. We immediately lined up in a row and erected our right palms to send forth righteous thoughts [thinking virtuous thoughts in order to purify the surroundings]. The US practitioner who had unfurled a small yellow banner with the words “Stop Persecuting Falun Gong!” earlier now unfurled it again. Under the blue sky and bright sunshine, on the broad and almost empty airport ground, the yellow banner and Dafa practitioners’ yellow T-shirts were very eye-catching. They drew attention from many passengers and airport staff. About a minute later a few policemen walked towards us. Behind them there were two members of the Chinese Delegation. One of the police officers said to us politely “Please get on board. The plane is taking off soon.” The two Chinese officers stretched their hands out to try to stop us from moving forward (in fact we did not move at all) behind the police. Considering that we should not put too much pressure on the Mexican Police we started to move backward. In the meantime, we said in Chinese: “Falun Dafa is good!” “For the rest of your life, remember Falun Dafa is good!” etc.. The UK practitioner told the police officer in English that Falun Dafa is peaceful but has been persecuted by the head of the Chinese Community Party and Falun Dafa is good. He replied: “I know all this.”

After this, we got on our plane. We arrived in Dallas safely. After that we said good-bye to each other and went our separate ways back home.

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