Police Chase and Open Fire on Practitioners Who Broadcasted Truth-Clarifying TV Programs

On the night of August 27, 2002, several Falun Dafa practitioners broadcasted truth-
clarifying TV programs in Xushui County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. When the police realized what they were doing, they dispatched several police cars loaded with armed policemen to arrest them. The practitioners managed to avoid the police, and a chase then ensued. On three different occasions, the policemen drove their cars into the practitioners' mini-van and opened fire at the practitioners. The mini- van eventually crashed and one of the practitioners was arrested while the others escaped.

The escape of the practitioners shocked the Xushui County police department. From August 27 until August 30, martial law was enforced in Xushui County and neighbouring areas to try and find them. A large round-up of Falun Dafa practitioners took place and the police set up roadblocks to check all vehicles passing through. The details of this case have yet to be investigated.

Translated on 8/30/2002
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