“Falun Gong is a Fantastic Practice”

By a UK Falun Dafa practitioner

I am 36 years old. I have been practising Falun Gong for 2 years. From an early age I had problems with my memory and concentration and was limited in the functions I could do. I could also not feel the hot weather and so would wear leather jackets even in the heat. My sense of smell was very poor and I could not taste hot food so would constantly burn my tongue. Sometimes, my mind would even go blank. I would not remember what I had been doing and then after some moments I would return to normal. Because of my condition, people would treat me badly and I was easily taken advantage of, abused and cheated. I felt I was locked but I was unable to do anything about it.

I went to see doctors, learning therapists, neurologists, ear specialists, natural health therapists and so on but no one was able to help.

A couple of years ago, I began to experience severe pain on the left side of my head. After seeing various specialists, I eventually went to see an osteopath who diagnosed that my skull was compressed and that was causing the problems. My condition became worse and my face became very dark. I was in a semi-coma, vegetable-like state for nearly 2 years. I was just about managing to get through each day. I was also feeling exhausted all the time.

When other people began to notice the deterioration in my health and appearance, my parents became worried and contacted my sister who was a Falun Gong practitioner at that time. She then introduced me to Falun Gong and gave me the China Falun Gong book.

I attended my local Falun Gong class. After my first class, the left side of my forehead cranial had been pushed forward. The next day, the right side of my forehead cranial was pushed forward and my complexion returned to its original colour. Gradually, my memory blanks disappeared and over time my concentration also improved. I started looking younger and people began commenting on that. I am becoming stronger physically and mentally as I improve my xinxing. Before, when I used to stand up for long periods in my job, I would have pressure on the left side of my head and this has now lessened considerably. I used to have difficulties in reading but after passing some tribulations, this has also improved. The tribulations included being held up twice by men with knives in the shop where I work. I always felt better the next day after these situations. Also, after having properly dealt with interpersonal conflicts, my general state has improved. From reading Zhuan Falun [This is the main book of Falun Gong, outlining all of the deeper principles behind the practice] I understood that my karma had been eliminated and I had paid off some debts. In the past I had suffered from a narrow artery condition and used to get breathless, but now I am fine. I also used to repeat the same things over and over again and I do not do that anymore. I used to be forgetful but my memory and concentration have improved greatly. Before I had difficulties holding down jobs. Because of my memory blanks I used to make mistakes and struggle. I am more focused and clear-minded now.

I have also had some unusual experiences since practising. One day I was driving in the van when a young boy, on a bicycle, cut the corner and came onto the opposite side of the road in front of me. I don’t know how it happened but I managed to brake quickly and the van stopped sharply. The boy, therefore, had time to go around the van and an accident was avoided. Another time, a heavy, commercial fridge door came off its hinges and hit me on the chin but nothing happened to me.

Reading Zhuan Falun has raised my spiritual awareness immensely. I work in a convenience store and because of my interactions with people, I try to promote the practice and clarify the truth about the persecution in China to the customers. I also play the Pudu Jishi music and wear a Falun Dafa badge and distribute leaflets at the shop. I collect signatures for petitions and tell family and friends about the practice. I have taught customers exercises and I also tell them about the classes. I give out books and videos to people who are interested. When I went to India I introduced Falun Gong to my sister-in-law who has even collected signatures for the petitions. I also ring up Chinese labour camps to clarify the truth.

My practising Falun Dafa has also had a positive effect on my family. One of my uncles has started to practise after being shown the exercises and it has helped him with relieving stress. Certain family members were initially sceptical about the practice but after seeing the changes in me, they are more positive towards it. At first when I started to practise, they told me to take inappropriate and unsuitable medicine such as anti-depressants for my unrelated condition. I knew I was not depressed. They were not positive about Falun Gong and thought it was superstitious. There was a lot of interference. This has also gradually improved. There is more harmony in the family. They now even ask if I have done my exercises and check if I have done them. My grandmother says she feels happy to see me better. Also they don’t complain to others about me as they used to in the past. I can do my work a lot better now like even doing small tasks such as tying up bundles of newspapers which I could not do before. I can cope better with the long working hours without feeling exhausted all the time as I used to. My main consciousness is much stronger so that I don’t do things in a daze anymore like I used to. For example, in the past, if I put a cup down somewhere I would forget that I had put it there. People now ask me why my hair isn’t so grey and if I dye my hair. My practice has had a positive effect on my wife too because I can take care of more things. She has also gained from reading Zhuan Falun even though she does not practise fully. Each time I clarify the truth to the labour camps in China, I feel a lot better as if I have broken through a level. Afterwards, I feel more alert and brighter. People are more positive towards me now that they see I am much fitter and healthier.

I think Falun Gong is a fantastic practice. I don’t think I would be alive now if I had not practised Falun Gong.

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