Sweden: Clarifying The Truth to The Top Leaders

Clarifying The Truth to The Top Leaders in Sweden

It is election season now. Many party leaders came to Gothenburg to make speeches for the election.

Meeting with the Chairman of Moderaterna Party (M)

On the 10th of August, the Chairman of the Moderaterna Party, Bo Lundgren, made an hour long speech in Gothenburg. He emphasized the importance of human rights. After his speech, we came to him and thanked him for his speech. We informed him about the persecution in China.

We asked him: “There are other countries like China, where citizens don’t have their freedom of speech or freedom of belief. For instance, Tibetans, Christians and especially Falun Gong practitioners are persecuted very cruelly. What can the Swedish Government do in order to help countries like China?”

He answered: “We can give information to them, and have dialog with the Chinese Government”.
He received an information package about Falun Gong and the situation in China and Hong Kong.

Meeting with the Prime Minister

In the early afternoon of August 13, the Prime Minister of Sweden, also the Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (S) in Sweden, held a speech in Gothenburg for 30 minutes. After his speech, there were a lot of people who wanted to talk with him. We were able to get a few words with him just before he was leaving.

One practitioner asked him if she could give him an information package on the persecution of Falun Gong, he said that was fine.

Then the practitioner asked him: “How can Sweden help China with human rights issues? There are many people who are persecuted in China, for instance Falun Gong practitioners, Christians and Tibetans? People are persecuted to death there almost every day now.”

He answered with some journalists around him: “We can for instance continue protesting in different ways. I will read the information package. Thank you. "

Meeting with the Chairman of the local Christian Democratic Party

Later, we came to the information desk of the Christian Democratic Party (KD). A lady received us warmly. After she heard about the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in and out of China, she said that no Democratic Party or country should accept the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. She even helped us with more information on how to reach more party leaders so that we could clarify the truth to them. We didn’t know that she was the new Chairman of the local Christian Democratic Party until we left the desk.

* * * * *
Being Dafa practitioners in this special period, it is our duty to tell the truth to the people, especially to the top leaders. It seemed no big deal, but it meant a lot to them and even the country to have a bright future.

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