Ukraine: Dafa Practitioners Participate in Celebration of the Youth Day (Photos)

People all know that Falun Gong practitioners are modest and law-abiding. They live a normal life as anyone else in society, and they cultivate themselves according to an ancient cultivation method. In Ukraine, In spite of the Chinese Embassy’s frequent smear propaganda against Falun Gong, the Youth Day Organization Committee still invited Falun Gong practitioners to participate in the celebration activities each year. Dafa practitioners broke through the Chinese Embassy’s attempt to defame Falun Gong by communicating with the committee members and clarifying the truth to them.

Many young people learned the truth about Falun Gong through the display boards on this day. The practitioners’ peaceful and serene exercises demonstration attracted many people’s attention and touched everyone’s hearts on the spot. Reporters from a local TV station videotaped our activity and interviewed us. After finishing the five sets of exercises, the spectators gave us a warm applause.

The celebration was concluded, and people surprisingly found that Falun Gong practitioners had cleaned the celebration sites where there was much litter left.

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