Brutal Tortures in Gaoyang Forced Labour Camp

In order to force Dafa practitioners to give up practicing Falun Gong, the Male No. 5 Division at the Gaoyang Forced Labour Camp, Hebei Province locked up several dozen steadfast practitioners in an old house in the backyard. Both hands of each practitioner were cuffed to iron rings affixed to the floor. Their only bedding was some raggedy old blankets; they slept on the floor. They were cuffed like this for several months. During the daytime, flies crawled on their bodies and in the evenings, mosquitoes fed on them. At night, the guards often tortured practitioners with electric-shock batons on the arches of their feet, inner thighs and other sensitive parts of their bodies. Some practitioners were burnt all over. The guards sometimes connected a power source through an old-style rotary dial phone wired to the fingers of practitioners cuffed to the floor rings. The guards then dialled the phone, cruelly and repeatedly shocking the practitioners. The shocks were so painful that some practitioners actually broke their handcuffs. If this happened, the guards would cuff the practitioner with two sets of handcuffs and continue the torture. It is said that this is an extremely inhumane torture that was outlawed long ago.

Gaoyang Forced Labour Camp owns a factory called "Rising Sun Wool Blanket Factory." Dafa practitioners were forced to do intensive labour in this factory for 12 to 15 hours daily. In the meantime, they were not given enough food, yet were often brutally beaten by the guards and other criminals. In order to force the practitioners to work more, the guards limited the number of times practitioners could go to the restroom each day. Practitioners often wet their pants due to the strict limitation. After work and before the allowed sleep time, practitioners had to sit in the cells with their backs straight. They would be beaten if they closed their eyes. Every day they have to wash the clothes for the team leaders with practitioners' own laundry detergent.

The Dafa practitioners in this forced labour camp suffer brutal persecution for their faith in Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, for not giving up cultivating Falun Dafa. We appeal to all kind-hearted people worldwide, and to international human rights organizations, to pay attention to this inhuman persecution and to stop it.
Cellular phone number of Yang Zeming, Chief of the Male Division No. 5 of Gaoyang Forced Labour Camp: 13603286301
Office phone number of the Female Division of Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp: 0312 - 6816141 (the office phone number for Chief of Male Division No. 5 can be obtained through this number).

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