Police in Estonia Come to Know the True Nature of Jiang’s Regime

Written by a practitioner in Australia

July 17, 2002

On June 11, 2002, we checked in the Radisson Hotel in Estonia. The rooms were on the seventh floor.

At 1:30 in the morning, the phone in my room rang. A male voice said in English, "We are coming to arrest you," and hung up. At dawn, a practitioner in another room called and told us that there were already people guarding us outside our rooms.

Approximately two hours later, a high level Estonian police officer, accompanied by two assistants, came knocking on our door. He displayed his identification, looked around the room and told us that they have received a report from Jiang's attendants that said that there were Falun Gong practitioners in these two rooms who wanted to assassinate Jiang. When they learned that we were indeed Falun Gong practitioners, they were a bit nervous.

We took out materials and pictures to show them the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China. Gradually they loosened up. We provided answers to all the questions that the officers asked, and told them that if needed they could inspect our luggage anytime they wanted. The officer shook his head immediately. Through the discussions he found that we were very co-operative, and he absolutely believed that we were all good people.

During our conversations, the officer was indeed nervous, with his forehead perspiring. After we had finished introducing our Falun Dafa materials, he had a hypothesis: The fact that somebody made a false report that people were to assassinate Jiang was probably just a cover for the reporting person's real plan of action. He became very concerned about the safety of the practitioners in the two rooms, since the Chinese guards were all armed with weapons. Jiang's gangsters persecute practitioners without concern for anything in China, so nothing is unthinkable for them.

Then he said he needed to make a phone call to his superior. He absolutely assured us that the phone call we had received at 1:30 am was not from the Estonian police, and he would go and check the hotel computer record to see which room the phone call was from.

After a short conversation with his superior on the phone, he told us that if we would agree to not go out of the hotel before June 13 when we would be checking out (mainly to protect us from being attacked or our luggage being planted), they would replace the Chinese guards in the hallway on the seventh floor with local police. They would forbid any irrelevant personnel from bothering us. Since we did not plan to go out in the first place, we were happy to cooperate with them.

With the protection of local police, from a quiet place in the hotel, we accomplished our goal of doing the special Falun Dafa meditation of sending forth righteous thoughts. The police officer had made sure his subordinates took good care of us until we left the hotel. The two plainclothes police even selected a reliable taxi driver for us to ensure our safety to the airport.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/7/29/24624.html

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