Terminally Ill Son Recovers after Hearing "Falun Dafa Is Good!"

I began to cultivate in Falun Dafa in April 1997. During the past almost 14 years, not only myself, but also my family members and friends have benefited a great deal from Dafa. Below is just one example.

My eldest son was an alcoholic who was diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis of the liver in 2005. He was hospitalized many times, yet nothing could cure him. On October 14, 2008, his condition suddenly worsened and he began to show serious symptoms. Most of his body (including his four limbs and his head) were swollen. He also had difficulty breathing. He was sent to Sanke Affiliated Hospital, but the doctors there suggested moving him to No. 1 Hospital of Harbin Medicine University, as his condition was very serious. Soon after arriving at the hospital, we were informed that his condition was critical. The doctors transported him to ICU and prepared to place him on a ventilator.

We were told that the chances of survival were extremely slim. When his sister learned about this, she began to beg the doctors, "You can see that he cannot be saved. We as his family do not want him to go to the ICU. Please let him leave this world with his family members all around him?!" The doctors finally agreed and arranged for him to go to a ward for patients with life-threatening conditions. By this time, he was already unconscious and unable to move. Four people were needed to take care of him during the night. He was given the best medicine, but we didn't see signs of recovery after days of efforts. His blood pressure remained dangerously low at 63/34.

On the morning of October 17, the doctor-in-charge had a talk with us, saying, "This man's condition is very serious. The medicine that he is being given right now is very good, but also expensive. If the infusion stops, it is over for him right away. We are concerned for all of you. We don't want you to lose both him and all your money in the end. However, you need to make the decision to stop treatment yourselves." We refused this suggestion. Another three days passed. The doctor-in-charge talked to us again about stopping the medication. At that time, one of my son's friends was there. He asked the doctor, "What is his chance for survival?" The doctor said, "About 1%." I then asked the doctor, "If we continue with the medicine, what will happen?" The doctor said, "He will last for another 3 to 5 days."

Everyone felt very frustrated and helpless. There seemed nothing left to do but to prepare for the funeral. The grave clothes were bought and his body washed clean. Around evening time, all the relatives arrived. Even the people from the funeral home arrived and waited at the door.

Just then, I suddenly remembered the nine words. I whispered into his ear, "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!" I recited this again three times and he seemed to appear a little bit more stable. It was already 10 p.m. and my daughter asked me to go home and rest, but how could I? I arrived at the hospital around 6 a.m. the next morning. The moment I entered the ward, I was completely surprised and didn't know whether I should cry or laugh! My son was completely recovered and sitting on the bed! His father and I entered the ward. He was very happy. I said, "Son, are you OK now?" He answered that he was! I told him that the night before I had recited the nine words in his ears three times. He then immediately repeated those words. At this time, his cell phone rang and he was able to answer it on his own! More people were gathering at the doorstep and they all said that it was magic. My younger son told us his brother had regained consciousness around 3 a.m. that morning and said, “ Xiaomin, help me put on my clothes. Let's go downstairs. We will drive to the market to buy some green radishes.” His brother told him, “It's too early now and there isn't anyone in the market yet. We will ask our big sister to go for you later. Do you really think you are able to go to the market?!”

Why did tremendous changes take place in my son's condition 5 hours after reciting those 9 words in his ear? There is only one answer: It's the power of Dafa that saved my son. It's our great Master who has given my son a second life.

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