Dafa Practitioner Righteously and Sternly Reprimands Officials at Brainwashing Class

A practitioner's oral account, recorded by Xiao Mi

In June 2001, some policemen ran into my home and asked me to go with them. They lied to me: "Just come and have a look. It won't take long." My husband (a Dafa practitioner) said: "Don't go with them. You won't be able to come back." I answered: "I'll just go and have a look. Who knows who will be transformed!" Unexpectedly, they took me to a drug rehabilitation centre.

I was not at all nervous. The police took me to a hall where I saw many Dafa practitioners. "First Day of Class Ceremony" was written on a blackboard on the wall. I realised they had deceived me to get me to this brainwashing class. Two people watched each Dafa practitioner and they all ate, drank and lived together.

Then the person in charge started talking, making a statement that slandered Dafa. I retorted loudly: "What you said is not true. In 1992, Falun Dafa was judged to be the 'Star Qigong School.' Now you're turning white into black. How can you just say whatever you want?" His face turned serious. He said he would express his views a bit later. He said the brainwashing class would last for two months, and that our release would depend on our situation at that time.

After he finished, I went to my room. I said: "Ask the person in charge to come. I want to talk to him." A few people came, one after the other, but they did not have the final say. I did not talk to them and insisted on seeing the person in charge. At last an elderly man came, followed by a big video camera. I looked into his eyes and said: "I want to go home now. Please let me go." He was very angry and said: "You'd better attend the study class." I answered: "You said our Falun Gong practitioners do not care about their families or society. But now I was brought here under false pretences. I have elderly parents and young children. Who made me not take care of my family and society? You said we disturb the social stability and cost the government much money. Please take a look yourself. Who is disturbing the social stability? I have a job and a family. You lied to me to get me here. You are disturbing the social stability! You set up these classes with so many staff persons. Where did you get the money to feed and house them here? The money is all from the people!" At that time, a person beside me said: "We asked you to come to study and improve your understanding." I still looked straight at the elderly man and said: "Just now, I said please let me go home. Now I am telling you, I order you to let me go. You are detaining me illegally!" He was too angry to say one word. Somebody said: "No, this is a drug rehab centre.."

I said: "Stop! You knew this is a drug rehab centre. Who should be staying here? You're detaining me. Isn't that illegal? I only asked for a half-day's leave from my workplace. I need to go back. You said just come to have a look. Now you are saying that, even after two months' study, whether or not one is released will depend on the situation. It is so clear that you do not want to let me go." The man said fiercely: "Watch how I clean you up!" I still looked at him straight on, with no fear at all.

While I was talking to him, the big video camera was there. I knew their intention and did not co-operate at all. They didn't get anything and left. After they left, two helpers started to make the bed for me. I asked them to stop and said: "There is no need, I must go back." They would not believe me. At dinnertime, someone came and asked me to go to dinner. He said: "They (the other Dafa practitioners) are already there." The two helpers also urged me to go. I said: "I won't eat. It is not my business that they went to eat. I won't eat." They thought I was conducting a hunger strike. I said: "It's not like that. If you had invited me today, I would go to eat. But this money is all from the common people. You use their money but I won't do it." They were speechless.

After 7:00 PM, a car from my district came to pick me up. Thus I had broken through their arrangements openly and righteously. I went home on the same day, but many that just bore passively were still stuck in the brainwashing class.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/7/26/24519.html

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