Ms. Wang Guiying from Baoding City Is Being Brought to Trial

On February 25th, 2012, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Guiying, who is 55 years old and from Baoding City, was arrested by the Domestic Security Department of the Beishi District Police Sub-Bureau. Ms. Wang's family received a notice saying that Ms. Wang will be tried on May 25th.

On the morning of February 25th, officer Cui Hao and others from the Domestic Security Department ransacked Ms. Wang's home and then arrested her. The money her siblings had saved for to pay for their mother, who is hospitalized in Baoding City Central Hospital, was confiscated, along with Ms. Wang's bank card. They have not returned the cash or her bank card to this day. The Baoding authorities also plotted to sentence her.

The lawyer that her family hired was supposed to meet with her, but officer Cui Hao from the Domestic Security Department used all kinds of excuses to prevent their meeting. Not until 20 days later, on April 23rd, did the lawyer finally see her.

Before she was arrested, Ms. Wang was healthy. As the oldest sibling, she was very busy looking after her mother, who just had an operation and is hospitalized. All her siblings were counting on her to look after their mother. At their meeting, the lawyer saw that Ms. Wang needed help just to walk, she could not speak, and that her health was very poor. The lawyer said that she was not just pretending to be like that, because whatever he said to her, she had no response.

Her family wondered if Ms. Wang had been subjected to cruel treatment. Otherwise, why would she need help to walk? Did Cui Hao delay her meeting with the lawyer to cover up something? Why else would he be afraid of having the lawyer meet her?

In August 2002, Ms. Wang was arrested for practising Falun Gong. She was tortured until her life was at risk. They used an electric chair to cruelly torture her, injected her with poisonous drugs, and beat her. As a result, she was wrapped up for a few months, she became emaciated, and was at the brink of death.

The lawyer said that Cui Hao and other officers had confiscated many materials exposing the persecution of Falun Gong from her home. Because Ms. Wang was home alone at the time, there was no one else there to say who those materials belonged to or if police officers led by Wang Hao had tortured her to “confess.” Her family had strong questions about that and were very concerned about her. Her mother, who is very weak after the operation, is very worried about her and often cries.

Prior to practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Wang, who works at the No.2 Machine Tool Factory in Baoding City, had very serious emphysema. She coughed, had asthma, and spit up blood from time to time. She had to take medication and was often hospitalized. After she began to practise Falun Gong, her health improved tremendously. People who know her have all witnessed this.

People primarily responsible for persecuting Ms. Wang:
Li Zhenping, deputy chief of Baoding City Police Bureau, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: +86-13703121526(Mobile)
Wang Hongbin, deputy chief of the Bishi District Police Sub-Bureau in Baoding City: +86-13803269889 Mobile)He was in charge of arresting Ms. Wang.
Cui Hao, team leader: +86-13832200097 Mobile)

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