Mr. Wu Guangwan of Ziyang City, Sichuan Province Taken to the Notorious Er'ehu Brainwashing Centre

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wu Guangwan, from Zhongtian Town, Lezhi County, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, was arrested on the morning of April 21st, 2012 by officers from the Lezhi County Domestic Security Division. Under orders of the 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) of Ziyang City and Lezhi County, Mr. Wu was taken to the Er'ehu Brainwashing Centre. Mr. Wu's wife is disabled, and his father is old and frail. The two have been left alone in the house are unable to take care of themselves.

Simply because Mr. Wu is a good person who cultivates kindness, he has been subjected to persecution many times. Those involved in the persecution of Mr. Wu include: Lezhi County Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary Zeng Xiang; Lezhi County Police Department deputy political commissar Deng Zhiyong (in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners); Domestic Security Division chief Xiong Fanglin and deputy chief Yu Yong and his subordinates; and the director of the local 610 Office branch, Yang Yideng.

In late September 2010, Mr. Wu was taken by officers from the Lezhi County Domestic Security Division to the Er'ehu Brainwashing Centre. Because he persisted in his faith in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, the brainwashing centre escalated the persecution against him. Wang Anpeng and Xiao Hui arranged the day and night rosters for brainwashing staff. Through brainwashing methods such as keeping a large light and loud TV on at night, they forced him to watch videos that slander Falun Gong. He was also subjected to physical and verbal abuse and continuous sleep deprivation for more than a month. When Mr. Wu was in a confused mental state after being deprived of sleep for so long, the brainwashing centre personnel forced him to compromise and write a guarantee statement to renounce practising Falun Gong. Those who witnessed Mr. Wu being tortured said that he was subject to very cruel torture.

The Er'ehu Brainwashing Centre is notorious for its vicious persecution methods. Several hundred Falun Gong practitioners have been subjected to brainwashing there. Three practitioners, Ms. Zhao Yuxia, Mr. Wu Yihua, and Mr. Li Huabin died as a result of the persecution at the brainwashing centre. All three practitioners displayed similar symptoms, and it has been suspected that forced drug administration at the brainwashing centre led to their deaths.

It's been seven years since Wang Anpeng was appointed head of the 610 Office in Ziyang City. Wang and Xiao Hui asked for more practitioner to be sent to the brainwashing centre. The local leaders of the Political and Judiciary Committee, the 610 Office and the Domestic Security Division planned a number of arrests. They generally arrested a few practitioners in May of each year and conducted large scale arrests from July to September. The heads of the 610 Office in Sichuan Province, Jia Yuecheng and Mao Yukang commended Wang and Xiao for their brutal methods applied in the persecution of practitioners. Brainwashing centre personnel that torture practitioners with the most brutal means are: Xiao Hui, Li Sen, Liu Debin, and Tang Jinhua.

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