Crimes Committed by the 610 Office of Mudanjiang City's Political and Legislative Affairs Committee

On March 27th, officers from the Third Police Station of Hailin City, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, arrested Ms. Yan Fenghua because she practised Falun Gong. Ms. Yan was at the police station applying for her husband's death certificate and later was detained without any reason. Her husband had been a practitioner who died as a result of persecution. The third police station and officials from Hailin City took Ms. Yan to a brainwashing centre in Mudanjiang City.

Recently officials from the 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) of Tielinghe Town Political and Legislative Affairs Committee (PLAC) and Hailin City PLAC accelerated the persecution of practitioners. The agents harassed and arrested practitioners. Women practitioners were taken to the brainwashing centre located at a motor vehicle driving school in Mudanjiang and the men are taken to brainwashing centres at other locations.

The Mudanjiang brainwashing centre was established by the Mudanjiang City PLAC and the 610 Office. It is located on the 2nd floor of the Motor Vehicles Drivers Training School, which claims to be the “Mudanjiang City Legislative Education Training Centre.” It is in fact an illegal set up where the guards brainwash and torture innocent people. Prison officials set a “transformation” [forcibly renounce Falun Gong] quota and the guards' bonuses and promotion depend on full compliance. Guards participating in brainwashing and torturing practitioners are: Li Gaoyang from the 610 Office, Zhao Min, Yi Xiaofeng from the 610 Office, Zhang Kunye, Zhang Lihui, and Wang Shuhua. Wang is a former Falun Gong practitioner who was forced to renounce the practice and now participates in brainwashing practitioners.

In May 2011, Tang Fengguo and Zeng Feng from the PLAC of Xing'an Town, Hailin City, arrested practitioners Ms. Chen Gongqiu and Ms. Geng Yuzhi and took them to the brainwashing centre. Ms. Li Xuehua from Donghe Village escaped and became homeless and destitute to avoid arrest.

In October 2011, the head of the Ning'an City 610 Office Zhang Xinyi arrested practitioner Ms. Yin Dezhi, a middle school teacher from Shalan Town. Ms. Yin was taken to the brainwashing center.

On October 19th, Yan Hecheng, deputy secretary of the PLAC went to Ning'an City and tried to arrest Ms. Li Hongxia at work, but failed. The next day Yan, He Xiyou and Yin Yan from the Domestic Security Brigade tried to arrest Ms. Li again, but she escaped. On October 21st, officers of Ning'an City First Police Station went to Ms. Li's house, but were unsuccessful in arresting her. On November 9th, 2011, Yan and a group of people arrested Ms. Li and took her to the brainwashing centre.

Since 1999, the Mudanjiang City PLAC and 610 Office have built many brainwashing centres for the sole purpose of brainwashing and torturing practitioners. In the centre, the administration and the guards attempt to destroy practitioners physically and mentally. The deputy head of Mudanjiang City 610 Office is Li Gaoyang. Li has actively participated in the persecution since July 20th, 1999 for gain and profit.

Established Chinese law clearly states that any public security office can't detain anyone for more than 24 hours, unless the person is charged with a crime. Therefore, the above mentioned individuals from the Mudanjiang PLAC and 610 Office have committed a crime and violated Chinese law by detaining practitioners. Additionally, established Chinese law that protects religious freedom was violated.

Information about those involved in the persecution of practitioners:

Location of the brainwashing center in Mudanjiang: 2nd floor of the Motor Vehicles Drivers Training School, No. 3, Jiche Road. Phone number: +86-453-6332399, 6369290
Zhang Yaozhong, principal of the driving school: +86-13704538855
Yue Wen, vice principal of the driving school: +86-13704836703
Wang Yuwei, secretary of the PLAC: +86-13339537666, +86-453-6996666 (H)
Guan Jiumian, director: +86-13836378002, +86-453-6412208 (H), +86-453-6528931
Li Gaoyang, head of the Mudanjiang City 610 Office: +86-13704835782, +86-453-6540808 (H)
Sun Zhenhua: +86-13303639666, +86-453-6915638

In Ning'an City:

Ning'an City 610 Office: +86-453-7666615
Office of the PLAC Secretary: +86-453-7623967, +86-453-7623193
Office of the City Committee: +86-453-7622644
Zhang Xinyi, 610 Office: +86-13836335837
Yan Hecheng, deputy secretary of the PLAC: +86-13946315815
Duanmu Qinghai, Domestic Security Brigade: +86-13903634594
Deng Hongwei: +86-13206896108
Jin Yongjin: +86-13945316518
He Xiyou: +86-13199331645
Yin Yan: +86-13019065958
Tang Fengguo, head of the Hailin City 610 Office: +86-453-7593382 (H)
Shao Hongbing, police officer: +86-453-7237638 (H)
Zhang Xingrui, police officer: +86-453-7552739 (H)

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