Germany: The experience of handing an appeal letter to the German President

By a German practitioner
July 15th, 2002

On July 7th, the German President was invited to my university to give a cerebration speech for the 25th University Annual Cerebration Day and the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of Baden-Wuerttemberg University. Before this I wrote him a letter telling him that I am a Dafa practitioner, and describing to him some of my experiences and thoughts when I was in China and after I came to Germany. I also enclosed some information such as a Dafa music CD and truth-clarification VCD, so he could learn about the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.
The above photo is when I handed over the letters and CDs to the President before the speech. I didn’t think anything at that time; I just walked over to him directly and said “ Mr. President, please allow me to hand over this letter to you.” He took the letter, and replied “Thank you” several times.

Many important people attended this activity, such as Ministers accompanying the President, Mayors of different cities and the principals and professors of different universities. After the speech, another Chinese practitioner and I gave out many newspapers, CDs and videos to them. Most of them accepted the material with pleasure. Some of them stopped to talk with us and asked how to help us. Seeing so many important people whom we wouldn’t usually be able to meet and talk about Dafa to, we really felt happy from our hearts.

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