Robbery Victim Arrested

Ms. Sun Xiuju is a resident of Tengzhuang Town, Wucheng County, Shandong Province. Ms. Sun’s home was robbed at the beginning of August 2011, and 600 yuan1 in cash and a Walkman were taken. Several officers from the Tengzhuang Town Police Station suddenly entered Ms. Sun Xiuju’s house on August 13th and asked if her home had been robbed. She told them the truth. Then the officers said, “The thief reported you because your cash had messages with information about Falun Gong on it, and your Walkman had Falun Gong content.” Then the police began searching her home for any materials related to Falun Gong, such as materials leaflets exposing the persecution of Falun Gong. The officers took Ms. Sun to Tengzhuang Town Police Station.

Ms. Sun’s family went to the police station and asked that she be released. The station personnel told her family to prepare a large sum of money and to look for Zhou Tianlu of the Domestic Security Division of the Police Bureau of Wucheng County. They said the situation was very serious and that Ms. Sun had already been taken to the Wucheng County Detention Centre.

Because Ms. Sun’s family has no money to bribe the Wucheng County Police Bureau, Ms. Sun was then taken to the forced labor camp in Jinan City.

The unfairness of this case is typical of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) treatment of Falun Gong practitioners: the robber was not punished, and the victim who broke no laws was detained and imprisoned.

Contact information for those responsible for persecuting Ms. Sun:

Zhao Jun, director, and Liu Mingtai, deputy director of public security bureau of Wucheng County: +86-13905443280, +86-13953400001
Zhou Tianlu, captain of the national security brigade, public security bureau of Wucheng County: +86-13505440256, +86-534-6289961 Office
Li Dongsheng, head of Tengzhuang police station: +86-534-6289532, +86-13395343066
Yin Guangbo, director of the 610 Office of Wucheng County: +86-13655349899, +86-534-6217610).


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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