Failing to Arrest an Outstanding Teacher, Police in Sandong Province Arrest Her Husband Instead

Name: Ma Qin
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Address: Pingdu, Shandong Province
Occupation: Teacher at Pingdu Development Zone Experimental School
Date of Most Recent Arrest: August 9th, 2010
Persecution Suffered: Arrest

Seven or eight police officers including Zhao Hongwu, Section leader from Pingdu Police Department in Qingdao City, Shandong Province; Li Zhong, deputy head; and Jiang Hanbin, superintendent of Taishan Road Police Station, broke into a residential house on the morning of November 21st, 2010, in an attempt to arrest Ms. Ma Qin, an outstanding teacher. When they discovered that Ms. Ma was not home, they took her husband to the Taishan Road Police Station and locked him up for a day. The officers also confiscated a computer from Ms. Ma's home, but returned it later.

In the police station, the officers took the mobile phone from Ms. Ma's husband and locked it in a desk drawer after switching it off to prevent him from contacting the outside. Then they pressured him to tell them where his wife was and asked him if he also practised Falun Gong. He replied, “I haven't practised it yet, but I will one day, because I think they (practitioners) are much better than you are!”

Ma Guochun, head of the Taishan Police Station, went to Beijing to harass Ms. Ma's younger brother on December 8th. Ma Guochun brought all the documents needed to apply for a guarantor pending trial to deceive Ms. Ma's brother, saying how good obtaining a guarantor pending trial was. Ma Guochun asked him to call Ms. Ma's husband and persuade him to convince Ms. Ma to return home.

Ms. Ma Qin only practised Falun Gong for five to six years. All her chronic diseases disappeared without medication after she began to practise. She set the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance as her standards, worked conscientiously, and willingly bore the burden at work, therefore, she was well respected by her students and highly praised by their parents as the only teacher in the development zone who did not accept gifts.

On August 9th, 2010, Yu Deshao, the deputy head of the school, got Ms. Ma Qin to come to the school, where she was arrested by Hou Jiarui, deputy head of the Pingdu Police Department; Zhao Hongwu, section leader; Liu Jie, a hit man; and Liu Yongchang from the Taishan Road Police Station. However, Ms. Ma Qin escaped that evening. The Pingdu Police Department, Pingdu 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong), and the Taishan Police Station dispatched a large number of officers to search for her. They even issued an arrest warrant on the Internet.

Her Family Harassed

Not long after Ms. Ma Qin escaped, Zhao Hongwu from the Pingdu Police Department; Li Zhong, deputy head of the Taishan Police Station; and Yu Deshao, deputy head of the Development Zone Experimental School, went to Ms. Ma's home to harass her mother.

Zhao Hongwu said to Ms. Ma's mother, “Actually, we only want Ma Qin to go to a study session. We will not beat or verbally abuse her. The food and accommodations there are just like here. I guarantee nothing will happen to her.” After learning that their evil deeds were exposed on the Clearwisdom website, Zhao Hongwu was utterly frustrated and asked Ms. Ma's husband who had sent the information to the website and who else did he inform. Ms. Ma's husband said he had informed all his relatives and friends. Zhao Hongwu flew into rage and swore at him.

Since late June 2011, Taishan Road Police Station officers have regularly harassed Ms. Ma's family, which has harmed them greatly, especially Ms. Ma's husband. He has not only suffered from loneliness due to his wife absence, but also from the harassment and threats. He was getting thinner with each passing day. Zhao Hongwu showed no concern for him and just laughed, saying, “Look how thin you are getting now!”

In order to catch Ms. Ma Qin, Ma Guochun convinced Ms. Ma's family to try to persuade Ms. Ma to “surrender to the police” so that she would be “released on bail pending trial.” He also deceived Ms. Ma Qin's cousin, Ma Shurong; two nephews, Ma Haoyuan and Ma Zhongyuan; as well as her best friend and colleague, Liu Ping into trying to persuade Ms. Ma Qin to return home.

Over the past year, officers from the Taishan Road Police Station went to harass Ms. Ma's family many times. They sent two officers at around 4 p.m. on July 4th, 2011. They went to where Ms. Ma's husband worked. When they found out that he was not there, they asked the merchants nearby about him. They asked if Ms. Ma's husband still worked there and what he did. When Ms. Ma's parents-in-laws were home, they went to harass the old couple who berated the officers, saying “What is wrong with Ms. Ma Qin following the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance? Why do you want to persecute her?”

Officer Jiang from the Taishan Police Station and Liu Yongchang, the officer who watched Ms. Ma Qin in the detention centre, went to Ms. Ma's husband's workplace on the morning of August 12th but he was not there. They asked his colleagues to give him a message that he should go to the police station to go through the formalities of getting a release on bail pending trial. They also said that if Ms. Ma's husband signed the document, they would delete the arrest warrant for Ms. Ma Qin on the Internet. The “release on bail pending trial” was only a trick. Ms. Ma's husband did not go the station. A few days later, Officer Jiang phoned Ms. Ma's husband and told him to come to the station to discuss his wife's situation. Ms. Ma's husband said, “You have already arrested her. Why bother to talk about it anymore! ”

Liu Jie from the Pingdu 610 Office tried very hard to convince Ms. Ma Qin's husband to divorce her. Liu Jie said, “You only need to agree to get a divorce and I will help you.” “You write a divorce statement and I will help you to get it published in the newspaper.” Ms. Ma's husband did not listen to him. Then Liu Jie said, “When she comes home, you ask her to write a guarantee statement promising not to practice Falun Gong anymore.” Ms. Ma's husband said, “I do not have the ability to do that.” Staff from the Pingdu 610 Office once said, “If Ma Qin hadn't run away, she would have already been sentenced to at least eight to ten years of imprisonment.”

Learning the Truth about the Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation Leads Her to Practise Falun Gong

In the spring of 2004 when Ms. Ma Qin returned home one day, she found a black plastic bag on the milk bottle box near the door. When she opened it, she found a DVD with the words “The Fake Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation”1 and the “April 25th Peaceful Appeal.” Out of curiosity she began to watch the DVD as soon as she got in. After it was over, she was very angry, because she had believed the programme broadcast by the CCTV and had been hostile toward Falun Gong because of the self-immolation. Now, after watching the analysis by experts, she realised that the self-immolation was fake.
After that she would take whatever Falun Gong materials she came across and read them at home. Eventually she realised that Falun Gong was not like what the media had said. Falun Gong taught people to be good. After learning the truth about Falun Gong, she began to practice it with a mentality of giving it a go and also hoped that it would cure her diseases. Very quickly her illnesses were healed and she became fit happened.

Ms. Ma Qin once said to the officer who questioned her at the State Bureau for Letters and Calls, “At the time I began to remember things (maybe I was about 4 years old), I suffered from a very serious form of psoriasis. You could not find any healthy skin from my head to my feet or from the backs of my hand to the soles of my feet. My joints were the worst, and I often had big cuts that oozed blood, which dried to my clothes, and in the evening when I wanted to get undressed to sleep, it was extremely painful. I began to search for a cure at a very young age.

“I remember at one stage, almost all my hair came out as a result of the medication I was taking. Whenever I washed my hair, it came out in handfuls. I cried as I washed my hair. I also suffered from severe mouth ulcers, and even drinking water would cause a lot of pain. I could endure the physical pain, but the discrimination from my classmates almost devastated me. As a result, I never wore short-sleeved shirts after I started high school. I always wore long-sleeved shirts and long trousers and wrapped up my body and soul tightly so that no one who could potentially hurt me would see my skin.”

Ms. Ma Qin said, “I got married, and my husband was very kind to me. He not only did not distain me, but actively helped me to find a cure. We travelled to almost half of the country and spent all our savings (about 300,000 yuan). Every treatment would begin with new hope but ended in disappointment.
Sometimes my psoriasis would get better for one or two months, but the cost to my health was very high. I suffered from nervous headache, cervical deformation, ulcers, elevated aminotransferases, arthritis, a frozen shoulder, a variety of gynaecological diseases, and so on. I felt uncomfortable all over my body, so my heart was heavy all the time .”

In 2004, after Ms. Ma Qin had practised Falun Gong for only four or five days, a tumour on her right leg that had made her suffer for a very long time disappeared. She felt disease-free two months after she started practising. She had a healthy complexion, and her skin became fine and smooth. In the summer of the following year she finally wore the short-sleeved shirts she dreamed of wearing. Ms. Ma said that, more importantly, she learned the reason for her diseases after reading Teacher Li Hongzhi's works and also understood the real meaning of life. She gained a new life both physically and mentally. She said to her family, “The last few years after I learned Falun Gong have been the happiest years of my life.”

Now, Ms. Ma cannot return to her own home, because she refuses to give up the practice which has benefitted her so much both physically and mentally. She has been forced to live away home for more than one year now.

Those involved in persecuting Ms. Ma:

Taishan Road Police Station, Pingdu City, Shandong Province: 86-532-88382979, 88380110
Ma Guochun, head of the Taishan Police Station: 86-13906482705
Li Zhong, deputy head of the Taishan Police Station: 86-13606395700
Pingdu Police Department:
Jing Huiping, head of the Pingdu Police Department: 86-13305320626
Hou Jiarui, deputy head: 86-13806395105, 86-532-80818678, 86-532-87367131
Du Linde, deputy head: 86-532-88330586 (Office), 86-532-87367628 (Home)
Li Shiming, Political commissar: 86-532-88318380, 86-532-88316208(Home)
Zhao Hongwu, section leader: 86-13105170998, 86-532-87339058 (Home)
Liu Jie, hit man: 86-15866870870


1. The "Tiananmen Self-Immolation" an incident on Tiananmen Square in January 2001 whereby four people set themselves alight and the Chinese Communist claimed they were Falun Gong practitioners, yet there was video evidence to strongly disprove this claim.

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