The Crimes of Police Officer Huo Jinhui in Pingshan County, Hebei Province

During the twelve years of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecuting Falun Gong, among the police in Pingshan County, Hebei Province, Huo Jinhui is one of the most ferocious. The persecution he carried out involved arresting Falun Gong practitioners, beatings, burglary and robbery, extortion, forced brainwashing and more. He was also the criminal directly responsible for beating Falun Gong practitioner Xie Fengting to death. However, in this brutal, dark society ruled by the CCP, this killer Huo Jinhui has been free to act for eleven years.

Huo Jinhui, a former deputy director at the Wangpo Police Station, now is a head officer at Pingshan Police Patrol Unit. The following sets forth a list of things Huo Jinhui has done in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners:

1. Beating Leads to the Untimely Death of Xie Fengting

One night in November 2000, Huo Jinhui, the deputy director of the Wangpo police station at the time, led three government officials of Wangpo village to break into the house of Liu Luchang, a Falun Gong practitioner in the East Wangpo Village. Without any official documents, they demanded he surrender his Falun Gong books. To protect the Falun Gong books, Xie Fengting, Liu Luchang’s wife, sat on a cabinet and would not move. Huo Jinhui raised his fists and punched Xie Fengting hard on her chest. Ms. Xie was knocked to the floor and the Falun Gong books inside the cabinet were confiscated. Later they held Liu Luchang at the police station and beat him.

About an hour later, the daughter in law of Xie Fengting who was living next door found Ms. Xie unconscious. She rushed to the police station to inform them that Xie Fengting was paralysed on the ground, unconscious, and she needed to be immediately taken to an emergency department. Upon hearing this, Huo Jinhui started to feel the situation was serious. Afraid to take responsibility, he sent Liu Luchang back home. After being beaten and frightened by Huo Jinhui, Xie Fengting had mental problems and her hypertension and other diseases relapsed. She could no longer take care of herself and finally passed away on February 9th, 2002, at age 61.

2. Other Persecution Crimes

In October 1999, when Gao Baidan and his wife, who are Falun Gong practitioners in East Wangpo Village, were working the land, police officers Huo Jinhui, Feng Qingfang, Hu Yuetao (the last two were from National Security Team of Pingshan County), Jiao Jianzhong, Yang Sanguo (from Wangpo County government) and other officials, about a dozen people in all, broke into Gao Baidan’s house. They took away Falun Gong materials. They later held Gao Baidan in the Wangpo police station. Huo Jinhui, about 1.80 meters tall, growled and slapped Gao Baidan. Then he held the collar of Gao Baidan's shirt and asked whether he would still practise Falun Gong. Upon hearing 'yes,' he punched Gao Baidan in the chest. Gao Baidan immediately fell back down to the bed at the police station. The bed was smashed, which illustrated how hard and ruthless Huo JinHui’s punch was.

At 9:00 a.m. on March 12th, 2002, Huo Jinhui lead Feng Qingfang and Yang Zhiguang (from Wangpo village government) to break into the house of Wang Jinglin, a Falun Gong practitioner in Shangyu Village. They took away all Falun Gong books, tape recorders, tapes and other personal items. They later took Wang Jingin to the Wangpo police station, where they forced Wang Jinglin to give up practising and write the "three guarantees" to renounce practising Falun Gong letter. They also forced him to read materials slandering Falun Gong. After 27 days of brainwashing , they extorted 2600 yuan1 (without receipt) and took Wang Jinglin home.

On March 10th, 2002, Gao Yunting and Gu Qinggen, a Falun Gong practitioner couple in East Wangpo Village, went out to visit their relatives. At night, on the way back home, they encountered Huo Jinhui, who took them to the Wangpo police station. Later he sent Gao Yunting to the Detention Centre of Pingshan County.

In mid-March 2002, Huo Jinhui and others went to the home of Xu Kejian, a Falun Gong practitioner in Shangzhuang Village. They arrested the over 70-year-old Xu Kejian and detained him in the Wangpo government compound for ten days of forced brainwashing.

On August 26th, 2007, Yan Meiying, Li Hongxia and others distributed materials exposing the persecution in the bazaars. They were intercepted by a group of people led by Huo Jinhui. Li Hongxia started to tell them the truth and the majority could accept it. But Huo Jinhui did not listen at all. He called Wang Yanping (the chief) and Feng Lixin (deputy chief) of the police station. Wang and Feng later commanded the crowd to put Yan Meiying, Li Hongxia and others into a car. The practitioners were taken to the Pingshan police station. At that time no one at the police station accepted the case. Huo Jinhui then sent Li Hongxia etc. to the Chengguan branch police station. The practitioners were detained overnight and deprived of sleep. At around 8:00 a.m. the next day, Huo Jinhui once again sent practitioners to the Pingshan police station.

On the evening of 9th February 2010, Falun Gong practitioner Tan Chouzi rode a bicycle on the north side of the South Market, when he was shoved to the ground by the police. The Falun Gong materials fell out of the basket of the bike. A police officer picked up the materials, and upon finding they were related to Falun Gong, he roared: "Falun Gong." Subsequently Tan Chouzi was taken to the police station by Huo Jinhui. Tan began to explain the facts about Falun Gong to Huo Jinhui, but Huo not only ignored him, but also slandered Falun Gong. The next day at 8 a.m., Huo Jinhui sent Tan to the National Security Team of the police station. Next, together with Feng Qingfang and Hu Yuetao, he searched Tan Chouzi’s house but found nothing. Later they again sent Tan Chouzi to the police station. In the end, Huo Jinhui and Feng Qingfang extorted 5,000 yuan from Tan’s family (without any receipt).

On the evening of December 18th, 2010, at around 10:30, Falun Gong practitioners Liu Shucui and Xu Caixia were caught by two young police officers and sent to the patrol unit. Huo Jinhui, who was on duty at that time commanded others to lock them up. Next day, he sent them to the National Security Team of the police station. Each practitioner’s family was extorted 1,000 yuan by Feng Qingfang.

On the afternoon of May 12th, 2011, Huo Jinhui led the police to catch Zhang Erni and Pan Fenglan, practitioners from Lizhuang Village, and take them to the National Security Team of the police station. The next day, Feng Qingfang intended to send them to a labour camp. This plan failed for Zhang Erning because her health condition did not qualify her for the labour camp. Pan Fenglan was first put into a detention centre for 29 days and then sent to the Hebei women's labour camp. She was denied admission by the labour camp due to health issues and hence was released to go home.

On the morning of May 30th, Huo Jinhui led the police to arrest Falun Gong practitioners Yang Mingrui and Li Hongxia, and sent them to the County 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong).

Huo Jinhui's Information:
Huo Jinhui, male, born in 1976, native of Wuchen City in Shandong, current address: East side on 3rd Floor, Unit 1, Building 3, Dongyuan, Department of Transportation, Pingguang South Blvd, zip code: 050400, Tel: +86-13931976276 (Mobile)


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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