Sisters Zhang Xiaoling and Zhang Yueqi from Guangdong Province Arrested, Family Calls for Help

Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Zhang Xiaoling and Ms. Zhang Yueqi were arrested by police from Huangpu District Police Station on August 3rd. When their other sister Zhang Liling went to the police station to demand their release, she was detained overnight. The two sisters are currently detained in the Huangpu District Detention Centre. Ms. Zhang Yueqi is only 16 years old and a student. The family is very worried about them.

Another sister of the Zhang family called on the public to express concern for her sisters' safety, as expressed below:

“My sisters, Zhang Xiaoling and Zhang Yueqi, are both Falun Gong practitioners, and are currently being held at the Huangpu District Detention Centre. They have been detained simply for letting people know about the goodness of the practice. My father died when we were young and our mother brought up all the children by herself. She has lost a great deal of weight worrying about my two sisters.

“Recently, government officials from Gurao Town visited our family and did a 'background check' on my imprisoned sisters. This made my mother even more concerned for their safety. I hope all kindhearted people will help us.”

The Huangpu District Detention Centre is located at Pingdinggang, Hongshanyi Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

Relevant phone number:

Deng Xiangqun, team leader responsible for carrying out the detainment: +86-18922219622 (Mobile)

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