Mr. Yin Sirong Transferred to Brainwashing Centre after Finishing Forced Labour Term; His Daughter Seeks His Release

Name: Yin Sirong
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Address: 5 North Fourth Section, 34 New Second Building, Second Outer Loop, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
Occupation: Electrician at Sichuan Metallurgy Plant
Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 31, 2009
Most Recent Place of Detention: Xinjin Brainwashing Centre
City: Chengdu
Province: Sichuan
Persecution Suffered: Forced labour, brainwashing, beatings, torture, forced-feeding, detention

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yin Sirong was transferred to the Xinjin Brainwashing Centre on May 10th, 2011 after serving an extended term in Xishanping Forced Labour Camp. He has been held for three months in the brainwashing centre. Mr. Yin's daughter went to the brainwashing centre again on August 3rd to request his release. Her request was refused. She had to call her father's name outside of the building in order to finally see him.

On July 31st, 2009, Mr. Yin Sirong was sentenced to one year and nine months of forced labour in the Wanzhou District of Chongqing City for practising Falun Gong. His term was extended for ten days without any legal procedures. He was scheduled to be released on May 10th, 2011. While in front of the forced labour camp gate and facing Mr. Yin's wife and daughter, the camp guards and Chengdu police officers took Mr. Yin away. They sent him to the Xinjin Brainwashing Centre.

Mr. Yin's family went with their lawyer to the Xinjin Brainwashing Centre on August 3rd. They requested a family visit and Mr. Yin Sirong's release. The brainwashing centre personnel didn't grant the visit, saying that they didn't have a permit. Mr. Yin's daughter called her father's name outside of the building and Mr. Yin answered. The brainwashing centre personnel finally let her see her father. Mr. Yin's daughter sought to take her father home, but to no avail.

Mr. Yin's daughter asked the brainwashing centre personnel to show the legal documentation for Mr. Yin's extended detention. Yin Shunyao, head of the brainwashing centre said, “You are not allowed to see certain things,” then, “It's impossible to show you.” He also threatened that he could put Mr. Yin's wife and daughter into the brainwashing centre as well.

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