Mengyin County Authorities Persecute an Outstanding Teacher in Shandong Province

Name: Yi Shuling
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Address: Mengyin County, Shandong Province
Occupation: Teacher
Date of Most Recent Arrest: March 4th, 2011
Most Recent Place of Detention: Wangcun Women's Forced Labour Camp
City: Zibo
Province: Shandong
Persecution Suffered: Detention, interrogation, beatings, insults, brainwashing, forced labour, denial of toilet use, food deprivation, force-feedings, hung up, forced injections/drug administration, solitary confinement, physical constraint, handcuffed and shackled, home ransacked, loss of job

On March 4th, 2011, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was holding its “Two Conferences,” Ms. Yi Shuling, a teacher from Mengyin Experimental Middle School, went to visit her elderly father after his surgery for stomach cancer. She was arrested by plainclothes officers from the National Security Bureau and taken to the detention centre and Lin Qi Brainwashing Centre. Later, she was again sentenced to forced labour in Wangcun Women's Forced Labour Camp, Shandong Province.

Over the past 12 years, Ms. Yi Shuling has been arrested several times and tortured by Mengyin County authorities. She was also tortured in the mental health hospital. She has suffered extensive persecution, and, as a result, she lost her job, her husband, and her home.

Ms. Yi was born in Chagou Village, Changlu Town, Mengyin County, Shandong Province, and was a teacher at Mengyin Experimental Middle School. In her early 30s, she suddenly noticed spots on her face. During her summer vacation in 1998, her older sister told her, “You should try practising Falun Gong. I've seen people who practise Falun Gong, and their skin looked really good—better even than going to the beauty salon.” She was not quite convinced, but wanting to pursue the secrets of how to keep her beauty, she picked up the Falun Gong book Zhuan Falun. She came to understand the purpose of being human and the real meaning of life. She followed the teaching of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and improved her stubborn temper. In her students’ eyes, she was trustworthy and warmhearted. After studying the Falun Gong teachings and doing the exercises, the spots and freckles on her face disappeared, and her skin started to become smooth and rosy. Her reproductive problems were also cured.

The Chinese Communist Party, under the control of Jiang Zemin's, [former leader of China and instigator of the persecution] hooligan regime, started the rampant persecution of Falun Gong in the summer of 1999. Yi Shuling was tortured by the Chinese Communist Party staff because of her belief in Falun Gong.

On January 22nd, 2001, Ms. Yi went to Tiananmen Square and shouted what she knew in her heart: “Falun Gong is good!” She was immediately arrested and taken to the Tiananmen Square Detention Centre. She was later transferred to Miyun Detention Centre. During her detention, they interrogated her, beat her, and cursed her. In spite of that, she kept telling them about the beauty of Falun Gong and how she had benefited from practising. She kept telling them that it was not wrong to appeal and not wrong to have one’s own belief. The police who knew the truth were touched and released her unconditionally.

After she returned home, she was reported by a student's parents for explaining the facts of Falun Gong to her students. In April 2001, the police arrested her from school and took her to the Mengyin 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) Brainwashing Centre, where she was tortured for over two months. During this time, she was force-fed. After she came home, her husband, who believed the 610 Office’s slanderous claims, wanted to send her to the forced labour camp to be “transformed” [forcibly renounce Falun Gong] since she continued to do the exercises. She had to leave her job and her hometown.

In June 2006, while Ms. Yi was in Xintai Detention Centre, a deputy director found her doing exercises, stomped on her feet with his heavy boots, and injured her toes.

In July, Ms. Yi was transferred to the Mengyin County Detention Centre. As a result of torture, she was severely dehydrated and in serious condition. Not wanting to be held responsible for her death, detention center officials dared not detain her. The head of the County 610 Office, Lei Yancheng, again sent Ms. Yi to the Mengyin County 610 Office Brainwashing Centre. They put her in the Mengyin County Chinese Medicine Hospital to force-feed her through a nasal tube several times. The doctors in the hospital pried open her front teeth as blood oozed out. She could have died, but the head of the Mengyin County 610 Office Lei Yancheng still refused to release her. Instead they forced her family to apply pressure on her to get her to renounce Falun Gong. Later on they sentenced Yi Shuling, who could hardly stand up, to three years of forced labour. Bian Dayong, the deputy director of the county Public Security Bureau, sent her to the Shandong No.1 Women's Forced Labour Camp.

At the Shandong No. 1 Women's Forced Labour Camp, Ms. Yi was bullied and tortured by the director of the labour camp, Jiang Lihang; deputy director Liu Yulan; and guards including Niu Xuelian, Zhao Jie, Wang Shuzhen, Geng Xiaomei, Liu Jianhui, Sun Juan, Tian Wei, Wang Ning, Wang Kuicai, Feng Sai, Shi Yongmei, Zhang Dongmei, Zhang Yongmei, and Tian Wei. She was surrounded by prisoners Wang Hongmei, Hua Fan, Ni Dongmei, Yang Binghai, Rong Fengju, etc. She was not allowed to to use the toilet, denied food and water, force-fed, tied up, and hung up. She was tortured nearly to death. Afraid of being held responsible, the labour camp dared not continue to detain her. Ms. Yi still has scars on her wrists, ankles, and mouth from the torture.

Lei Yancheng, the head of the county 610 Office, and Jiao Yuxiang from the forced labour camp did not give up when they saw that they could not “transform” Yi Shuling. They then put her in the Shandong Province Mental Health Centre. The doctors and nurses there injected unidentified medicine through her nose, making her drowsy all the time.

In September 2003, when she was released, the Section chief of the Management Section of the Labour Camp; Tian Wei, the head of the Mengyin 610 Office; Lei Yancheng; Jiao Yuxiang; and doctor Wang secretly worked together to force Yi Shuling to take unknown drugs. This combination of drugs almost cost her her life. However, she kept studying the Falun Gong teachings, and four days later her symptoms of mental illness completely disappeared.

Ten days after she was released from the Shandong Mental Health Centre, she was still very weak. Her husband could not endure the huge psychological and social pressure, and he divorced her in 2003. Her ten-year-old daughter was put into her husband’s custody. The staff of the 610 Office deducted many years of her salary and refused to let her return to work. Ms. Yi Shuling was very distressed and sad.

In 2003, she went to her former employer to ask for a job. The supervisors of the Mengyin County Experimental School told her to talk to the Mengyin County 610 Office. The director of the Mengyin County 610 Office, Cui Huadong, said that, since she was not “transformed,” and her term of forced labour camp was not completed, they could just ignore her.

In July 2005, Ms. Yi was hired as a teacher to work in a privately-run school, so she then had a stable job. Because she missed her daughter, at the end of October that same year, Ms. Yi went home to visit her. That evening, the police from the Mengyin County Public Security Bureau, including Wang Wei, monitored her and stopped her on the 6th floor. They were ready to place her under arrest first thing in the morning. Given the situation, Ms. Yi tore a bed-sheet into small strips, tied them together, and connected them to a phone line and a heating pipe. She tried to climb down from the 6th floor to the ground. When she got to the 5th floor, she could not hold her own weight, fell all the way down, and lost consciousness. When she came to, it was still dark, and she left the residence in great pain. When the authorities broke into her home and could not find her, they searched the residence, changed the lock, and confiscated her TV, DVD, Falun Gong books, and other materials.

As a result of injuries from her fall, Ms. Yi's spine was dislocated and fractured and she was paralyzed. She could hardly take care of herself. At noon on the day she fell, her 12-year-old daughter came home and could not find her. Their home looked like it had been ransacked. Her daughter was so scared that she cried. In the days that followed, she circled each day on the calendar to keep track of how long she had been separated from her mother. Since Ms. Yi was a determined Falun Gong practitioner, she studied the teachings more and did the exercises more, and her spine recovered miraculously without any medical treatment.

On March 4th, 2011, when Ms. Yi Shuling was taking care of her father who had cancer, she was arrested by Li Yong, a plainclothes spy, and taken to the criminal division of the police department and beaten. The next day, she was taken the Lin Qi Detention Centre and tortured with “embracing with handcuffs.” A month later she was transferred to the No. 2 Women's Forced Labour Camp and sentenced to one and a half years. During her term, she was put in solitary confinement and exposed to poisonous gas. Officer Zhang Yan and the doctors and nurses from the 831 Hospital gave her unknown drugs and force-fed her through the nose.

Since she was so weak, on April 26th, Wang Wei from the Mengyin County Public Security Bureau 610 Office took her back to the local brainwashing centre, where they continued to torture her. The staff put unknown drugs into her food, so she was forced to go on a hunger strike. Pang Simin from the County 610 Office Brainwashing Centre continued to force-feed her. They cuffed her hands to either side of the bed, with her feet bound to the foot of the bed. When her family was notified to visit her for the first time, she was extremely weak. The 610 Office did not want to be held responsible for her health, so on May 15th, 2011, they finally notified her family to pick her up and take her home.

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