Vicious Police Officers Persecute Practitioners from Hebei Province

July 6, 2002

On April 23, 2002, policeman Li Tongren led a group of police officers from Quzhou County Public Security Bureau to Huaiqiao Police Station and ganged up with the police officers there. They drove two cars to Daxin Village to arrest a Falun Dafa practitioner. The practitioner's family was outside as the police cars drove up. However, with righteous thoughts, the police and the family looked at each other a few times and the police simply let them pass.

Since there was no one home, the police officers got inside by climbing over the wall. They ransacked the home, snatched a cassette player, a copy of the book Zhuan Falun [The main text of Falun Gong], three cassettes, identification card(s) and a few flyers. The practitioner's second oldest brother was on the way to work in the field. He saw them robbing his brother's home and went up to reason with them. The police officers then put handcuffs on him and beat him with electric batons. They took him to the police station as he is also a practitioner. He firmly resisted the persecution with reasoning. He was released that night.

At about 10:00 p.m. on May 12 (the day before "World Falun Dafa Day"), the village assistant leader and his gang joined members of the Quzhou Public Security Bureau Political Security Division and Huaiqiao Police Station to arrest a Dafa practitioner. They broke the door of that Dafa practitioner's home without any permission. They ransacked the practitioner's house and illegally took the practitioner away while he was asleep. They sent the practitioner to Quzhou Detention Centre illegally for 15 days. During the arrest, the police used electric batons, handcuffs, and punched and kicked him. The practitioner firmly refused to cooperate with the vicious police and refused food and water for 7 days. He was then released to go back home in dignity.

That same night, another practitioner was posting flyers and was arrested by a group of police officers from the Chengguan Township. They notified Huaiqiao Police Station to ransack the practitioner's home, and take away Dafa books and materials. The police station ordered the practitioner to be sent to a detention centre for 15 days. Later on, the practitioner firmly resisted the persecution and was released from detention after 9 days of hunger strike.

After Quzhou County Public Safety Bureau Political Security Division ganged up with officers from the Huaiqiao Police Station to detain practitioner Li Heping, they broke into his home again on June 16, 2002. They used the excuse that someone had reported him. They searched and questioned him. After kicking open the door, they searched in a disorderly fashion. In the evening of June 17, the county "610 Office" and Public Safety Bureau and 110 (equivalent of 911) police officers were accompanied by local police station officers and went to Li Heping's home again. They used the excuse of wanting to investigate the situation and deceived him to go back with them to the county Public Security Bureau for questioning. Since practitioner Li Heping did not cooperate with them, these people (Cui Pengzhang, Zhang Xuebing, Zhang Peiyi) sent him to a detention centre for illegal detention. They also said it was for criminal detention and possibly for "labour re-education." This practitioner firmly resisted the persecution. He firmly believed in Dafa and continuously sent forth-righteous thoughts [a particular form of meditation]. He also went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. The police released Li Heping on the fourth day after he began spitting out blood.

We warn the police in Quzhou County Public Security Bureau Political Security Division to immediately stop persecuting Dafa practitioners. Their good and bad actions will be judged and repaid appropriately. It is the law of the universe.


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