Australian Resident, Biologist Ms. Nie Xiaomei Arrested Before Chinese New Year

Beijing DoRun Trading Co., Ltd Chief Scientist Ms. Nie Xiaomei was arrested before the Chinese New Year. She is currently held in the Dongcheng District Detention Centre in Beijing.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Nie Xiaomei, 48 years old, is a scholar doing research in Molecular Genetics. She was originally a scientific and technical staff member with the Wuhan Botany Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is currently a chairperson with the Beijing DoRun Trading Co., Ltd. She is also the company's legal representative and chief scientist. Ms. Nie studied in Australia after she graduated from university in China, and is now a permanent Australian resident. She is the daughter of well-known biology scholars Ms. Zhang Zhengquan and Mr. Nie Kaiyin. Her husband, Mr. Wang Qijie, general manager of Beijing DoRun Trading Co., Ltd., is an Australian citizen. The company's headquarters is located on the eighth floor of the Central Golden Resources Business Centre in the Haidian District, Beijing.

Ms. Nie's family of three was about to leave home on the evening of February 1st, 2011, for Wuhan City to celebrate the Chinese New Year with her parents when they were suddenly arrested at 5:00 p.m. Officers from the Dongcheng District Police Department's Domestic Security Division and from the Dongzhimen Police Station made the arrest. They body-searched Ms. Nie and found two items with Falun Gong symbols. The police ransacked their home, but found nothing they wanted. The case has been transferred to the Dongcheng District Police Department. The Domestic Security Division's 610 Office agents (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) are also involved in this case. Ms. Nie was taken to the Dongcheng District Detention Centre.

We also learned that someone placed some Falun Gong-related informational material on Ms. Nie's car. Ms. Nie picked it up and placed it on a car parked next to hers before she drove away. A security guard saw this and reported her to the police. Ms. Nie's family tried to stop the police from arresting her, but the authorities claimed that they would sentence her to imprisonment after detaining her for 30 days. Ms. Nie's family has contacted the Australian Embassy for help. Ms. Nie's mother, in her 80s, learned the news and is extremely worried about her daughter's safety. Ms. Nie's mother can't take care of herself, as she no longer has the use of her legs.

Dongcheng District Detention Centre:
Xu Jun, pre-trial judge: 86-10-84081841
Officer on duty: 86-10-84081768
Dongcheng District Police Department: 86-10-84081110, 86-10-64042244 (Office), 86-10-64003734 (Fax)
Xie Shilong, Dongcheng Police Department head
Teng Jian, Political head
Li Rui, Dongzhimen Police Station: 86-10-64167443

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