Deng Xiuyi of Weifang City, Shandong Province, Held in Changle Detention Centre

Mr. Deng Xiuyi and a female practitioner from Dengjia Village, Daliushu, Weifang City, Shandong Province, went to distribute leaflets exposing the persecution of Falun Gong to people in Jiatao Village of Qiaoguan County on December 17th. They were arrested by officers from the Qiaoguan Police Station. After they were taken to the police station, Mr. Deng was handcuffed to an iron chair and tortured for a day and a half. He was then transferred to the Changle Detention Centre, where he is currently being persecuted.

The female practitioner was locked in an iron cage at the police station. The Changle Detention Centre refused to accept her because she did not pass the physical examination. The Qiaoguan Police Station officials told her family to bring 15,000 yuan1 to secure her release. After the family refused to cooperate with their illegal demand, the police reduced the price to 5,000 yuan, and then to 3,000 yuan. Finally, the police extorted 80 yuan from the family as a “check-up fee” and released her, after holding her for five days.

Police from the Fuyanshan Police Station went to ransack Mr. Deng’s and the female practitioner's homes on December 21st and confiscated some Falun Gong leaflets. They pried the locks open and damaged the doors in the process.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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