Ms. Jin Nu Brutally Tortured and Husband Dies Due to Persecution

Ms. Jin Nu is a resident of Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province. Both she and her husband are Falun Gong practitioners. They have benefited from the practice physically and mentally. Their illnesses were healed through practising Falun Gong and they became healthy.

Since the persecution of Falun Gong began in July 2009, the police from the Zhuozhou City Domestic Security Division have tortured, harassed, and extorted money from Ms. Jin and her husband. Ms. Jin was tortured with the iron chair torture. Her husband was persecuted and as a result became paralysed. He passed away on April 22nd, 2010.

On January 23rd, 2008, Yang Yugang, director of the Zhuozhou City Domestic Security Division, led six police officers to Ms. Jin's home. They ransacked the place and confiscated all Falun Gong books and 9,000 yuan1. The officers put the Falun Gong founder's picture on the floor and stepped on it. They arrested and beat up Ms. Jin and her husband. Ms. Jin's husband's face became swollen and distorted and he was unrecognisable. Both were then sent to the Zhuozhou City Detention Centre.

On February 5th, 2008, they were released. However, Ms. Jin's husband became paralysed shortly after their release, and he was no longer able to take care of himself.

On June 18th, 2008, shortly before the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Yang Yugang again led police officers to Ms. Jin's home. They ransacked the place again and confiscated 15,088 yuan and all the Falun Gong books and materials. They arrested her and detained her at the Zhuozhou City Police Department. She was handcuffed on a steel chair continuously for more than 12 hours. When she was released from the chair, she was not able to stand up straight.

Ms. Jin was released the following day, but her family members were ordered to watch her. She was not allowed to go out for two months.

Ms. Jin's husband was shocked during the process of Ms. Jin's arrest. Since all the money was confiscated, he was not able to afford any treatment. He passed away on April 22nd.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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