On the Orders of the Dandong City "610 Office," Local Police Arrest 23 Falun Gong Practitioners in One Month

Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) National Conference, the CCP Political and Judiciary Committee, and the 610 Office in Dandong City of Liaoning Province now directly control the Dandong Municipal Police Department and Dandong Public Security Bureau. The 610 Offices have been blatantly disregarding the law, and arresting Falun Gong practitioners--23 in the month of September. The police continue to arrest practitioners. The following gives specific details of some of the arrests.

1. Couple Mr. E Xiancai and Ms. Han Kun, Arrested

Around 9:00 a.m. on September 19th, Ms. Han Kun and her husband Mr. E Xiancai (55 years old) were arrested at their home on the 15th floor of Dandong Weaving Plant family housing. Mr. Sui, a Falun Gong practitioner who was visiting the couple, was arrested at the same time. Officers combed through the couple's home and looted money and other personal property.

Qin Shuli (86-13941538977 (Mobile), an officer from Weaving Plant Police Station, and Ding Wei (86-13841500246 (Mobile)), an officer from the Weaving Plant community, were involved in the arrest. Altogether there were about four to five policemen involved.

2. Sisters Ms. Shao Changfen and Ms. Shao Changhua Arrested

Around 10:00 a.m. on September 6th, sisters Ms. Shao Changfen and Ms. Shao Changhua visited a relative in Tangchi Township. At the same time, the village's CCP Committee Secretary was visiting the sisters' relative, and reported them. The Shaos were arrested and detained in Tangchi Police Station. That night at around 10:00 p.m., the sisters were sent to Dandong Detention Centre. The family went to Dandong Detention Centre demanding to see the sisters, but the guards there refused to let them.

Around 10:00 p.m. on September 5th, Fengcheng Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Jiao Lin, Mr. Liang Yuncheng, Mr. Qu Shanlin, Ms. Wu Juan, and Ms. Sun Zhongqin were arrested by police from the Baiqi Police Station in Baiqi Township. Presently they are detained in Fengcheng Detention Centre.

On September 1st, local police from the Development Zone Police Station in Donggang City attempted to arrest Ms. Teng Xiuling. Ms. Teng was able to escape, and she was forced to live away from home.

On September 15th, Dandong Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Hu Xiaomei, Mr. Zhang, and two other Falun Gong practitioners (mother and son), were studying Falun Gong books at home when police from the Taiping Police Station broke in and arrested them.

3. Ms. Dong Yinhong Arrested and Detained

On August 31st, Ms. Dong Yinhong, who lived at Jixian Fifth Team of Zhen-an District in Dandong, and her mother (not a practitioner) were taking care of some business at Taiping Community. Before leaving, they left Falun Gong DVDs at the Community office. The Taiping Community CCP Secretary then reported the mother and the daughter. Afterward, Ms. Dong was arrested by police from Taiping Police Station. The officers of Taiping Police Station, Tangchi Police Station, and Zhen-an District Police Department together raided Ms. Dong's home and her mother's home. The police stole money and a number of personal items. The police lied to Ms. Dong's family, saying that she would be released after half a month of detention.

Ms. Dong Yinhong has been living a difficult life. Her mother is seventy-five years old, and makes her living by selling things that she scavenged. She went to Taiping Police Station several times to ask back the money they stole. The officers not only refused to return the money, but also verbally abused her and threw her out of the police station. In addition, the police confiscated the computer used by Ms. Dong's children for their school studies.

Ms. Dong was first detained at Dandong Detention Centre. On September 14th, Ms. Dong's family received a phone call, informing them that she was sent to Masanjia Forced Labour Camp for eighteen months.

4. Officers Break Through the Window to Arrest Ms. Zhang Wei

Around 8:30 p.m. on August 31st, Donggang Traffic Police assisted four officers by use of a fire engine ladder to break into the home of Ms. Zhang Wei through the window. They accused her of "escaping from prison." Back in April 2002, the Donggang City Police Department had arrested Ms. Zhang and she was later sentenced to seven years imprisonment. While detained at a Women's Prison in Shenyang, Ms. Zhang was brutally tortured. She was released on medical parole after she was tortured to the brink of death, and had been living at home since 2003. When they saw the police trying to arrest her again, on August 31st, relatives and neighbours tried to intercede on her behalf. At that time, more than ten policemen waited at the steps of Ms. Zhang's home and participated in trying to arrest her. There were about 100 onlookers as she was arrested. Ms. Zhang was able to escape with the help of relatives and neighbours. After she escaped, Donggang City Police Station arranged several plainclothes officers to carry out surveillance near the home of Mr. Zhang's sister, Ms. Zhang Xiaoping, in a continuous attempt to arrest her. Ms. Zhang Xiaoping was able to flee later.

5. Sisters Ms. Xiu Yan and Ms. Xiu Yuan Arrested

On August 25th, Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Xiu Yan and her sister Ms. Xiu Yuan were pushing their children in buggies on the street, when they were again arrested by officers from the Donggang Police Department. Ms. Xiu Yan was released the same day. Ms. Xiu Yuan was detained in Donggang Detention Centre. A week later, the Donggang Police Department sent both of them to the Fushun Brainwashing Centre for forced brainwashing for a week. The police forced Ms. Xiu Yan and Ms. Xiu Yuan to write the three statements to renounce practising Falun Gong. See the related article: "Sisters Xiu Yuan and Xiu Yan Arrested in Liaoning Province" (http://clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2010/9/18/120073.html)

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