A Medical Doctor Praised by His Fellow Villagers Is Tortured by the Authorities

Mr. Zhou Wensheng, 32 years old, is a Falun Gong practitioner and medical doctor in Yushu Village, Dongfa Township, Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province. On the morning of July 12th, 2009, by the order of Zhaodong City Police Department deputy chief Fan Xiaoguang, several officers led by Dongfa Township police chief Zhang Qingquan arrested Mr. Zhou. Over 700 of his fellow villagers, including the village leaders, signed a petition and took it to the local authorities, demanding his release. However, Fan Xiaoguang and the other officials sentenced him to three years in prison.

During Dr. Zhou's detention at the Zhaodong City Detention Centre, the local 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong) instigated prison bully Zheng Yongbo to torture him. Zheng poked his fingers in Zhou's eyes and hit him in the face until it was covered with blood. After a brief check-up at the local hospital, Dr. Zhou was taken back to the detention centre.

He was twice taken to have a physical at Zhaodong Tuberculosis Hospital. When he arrived at the detention centre, Mr. Zhou weighed over 155 pounds; now he weighs less than 120. He used to enjoy good health and lead a happy life. Now he is expressionless, and his mouth is filled with sores. He also suffers from haemorrhoids and has a scar on his forehead. He is no longer the cheerful and humorous doctor. Instead, he suffers from depression and seldom talks.

Dr. Zhou is still being detained and tortured in Hulan Prison's third ward in Harbin Province. The guards do not allow him to speak to anyone. They do not let him call home and prevent his family from visiting him.

Prison police officer Lu Yunlei is the squadron leader of the third ward. At 9:55 a.m. on August 11th, 2010, he tried to force Dr. Zhou to stand for a long time and recite the 38 prison regulations. Dr. Zhou refused to co-operate, so Lu forced him to stand every day for two weeks.

Addresses and phone numbers of those involved in the persecution of Dr. Zhou:

Tian Yueqiang, Hulan Prison ward: 86-451-57307301
Chen Weiqiang: 13159851233

Zhaodong City 610 Office main members:
Fan Xiaoguang, deputy chief of Zhaodong City Police Department: 13945646088 (Mobile)
Song Bolin: 13904660048
Director Yang: 15145178178
Zhaodong City Police Department: 86-455-7796815, 0455-7796817
Ren Jiansheng, director of Zhaodong City Detention Centre: 86-455-7712862 (Office)

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