Multiple Falun Gong Practitioners Arrested by Officials in Huainan City, Anhui Province

During April and May of 2010, various officials and the Huainan City 610 Office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong), using "security for the World Expo" as an excuse, arrested several Falun Gong practitioners, scheduled hasty court "trials" and imprisoned them. Officials also obstructed the practitioners' lawyers from defending them.

1. On April 9th, practitioners Xu Chengzhong and Xu Jianhua were arrested at an office by police officers led by State Security Section head Zhu Lin. During the arrest, the police kicked and broke Xu Chengzhong's leg. Mr. Xu's whereabouts are currently unknown.

On the evening of May 15th, police officers went to Xu Chengzhong and Xu Jianhua's homes separately, attempting to issue arrest warrants. Xu Jianhua was not home at the time. In recent days, the police visited their homes frequently and harassed their families.

2. On April 13th, police officers arrested practitioner Wang Xiaohong. Officials sent Wang to Suzhou Prison for persecution without following any legal procedures.

3. On April 9th, Zhu Lin, State Security Section head of the Huainan Police Bureau, arrested practitioner Huang Chunrong. On April 10, two more practitioners were arrested, one named Tan, the other unknown, (the government is strictly blocking information). Huainan Detention Centre officials planned in secret to send Huang Chunrong and the other two practitioners to Hefei Women's Prison.

4. From the evening of April 9th to the morning of April 10th, police attempted to gain entry into practitioner Li Fang's home. Officers waited outside throughout the event. Later, Li Fang was taken to a brainwashing centre by officers from the Xieyi police station of the Huaishun police sub-bureau. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

5. On April 10th, police officers arrested practitioner Ms. Dan Yonglan. Her arrest was co-ordinated by the Huainan Politics and Judiciary Committee and 610 Office officials. Zhu Jilun, captain of the State Security Unit of the Tianjia'an police sub-bureau and police from the Xinhuai police station, Chaoyang police station, Huaishun police sub-bureau and Longshun police station officials participated in the arrest.

6. At 9 a.m. on April 15th, Huainan City Xiejiaji District Court officials held a trial for practitioners Meng Qinguo and Li Hanqin.

The Xiejiaji District Court officials prevented lawyers from seeing the practitioners. Before the trial began, judge Su Honghua did not allow lawyer Li Subin to provide a defence for Meng Qinguo. Mr. Li was not even allowed to enter the court. The court did not want practitioners' families and the public present at the trial either. The lawyer was notified of the change in trial location at around 5 p.m. the day before. The trial was moved from the district courthouse to the Yanggong courthouse, which is in a rural area.

Several police officers patrolled outside the Yanggong courthouse. Plainclothes police officers were secretly taking photographs. Many vehicles without license plates and police vehicles drove slowly around the street. There were about twenty police and government vehicles patrolling this very narrow street.

General information on Huainan City, Anhui Province, area code 86-554, zip code 232000

District Politics and Judiciary Committee: 2698090
City Politics and Judiciary committee: 6665955
Huang Aihua, secretary of Huainan City Politics and Judiciary Committee: 6612201 (office), 6642253 (home)
Li Jiamin, deputy secretary, 610 Office director: 6612207, 6651156, 13855465135
Hu Zhigang, deputy secretary, City Comprehensive Administration Office: 6612066, 6646645, 13305542338
Feng Jianguo, Huainan City Politics and Judiciary Committee member
Huainan City Comprehensive Administration Office: 6612208
Zhang Guomi, director, Huainan City Politics and Judiciary Study Office

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