Taiwan: Legislators Welcome Shen Yun Performing Arts Premiere to Yuanlin

On the evening of April 7th, Mr. Chang Ruei-Bin, Deputy Changhua County Magistrate, attended Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company's second show at Yuanlin Performance Hall. Mr. Chang said with obvious delight, "We are so grateful to Shen Yun Performing Arts for bringing us a cultural and artistic feast. The show has led the audience to the realm of truth, goodness, and beauty."

The show was highly anticipated by Changhua County residents. Audience members said they appreciated the profound cultural connotation of the performances, which presented them with vivid scenes of the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture.

Mr. Chang stated that the citizens of Changhua had the good fortune to see the Shen Yun performance and were able to enjoy a unique cultural and artistic feast.

Mr. Chang was captivated by the performance and the moving atmosphere it created. He said, "I originally I had other appointments, yet I really wanted to sit here and enjoy myself to the fullest. The show lets me feel peacefulness in my heart and provides visual, auditory, and spiritual astonishment and enjoyment through culture and arts. This has been a pleasant artistic feast!"

Former Director General Travels to Yuanlin to see Shen Yun Again

After seeing the Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company's show in Taipei in March, Mr. Wu Chen-chi, former director-general of the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of Interior, went to Yuanlin to see it again, this time at Shen Yun's 2010 premiere in Yuanlin on April 6th. After seeing the performance, Mr. Wu said with excitement, "It is a world-class show worth seeing again and again."

Wu Chen-chi explained, "The Shen Yun programme has fully glorified the 5,000-year traditional Chinese culture, and showcased the essence of minority ethnic groups and various traditional legends."

Mr. Wu added that Shen Yun always fully illustrates the profound Chinese culture in its shows and conveyed profound messages with truthfulness, compassion, and gracefulness through various historical legends about the divinely-imparted Chinese culture. It also told stories depicting scenarios in which good begets good and evil leads to karmic retribution. Mr. Wu said that the shows deeply move the audience's hearts.

Wu Chen-chi said, "The content of the stories, backdrops and lighting, the unique design of the costumes, the performers' magnificent performance and the seamless coordination of the entire show have left an indelible impression." He especially praised the folk dances featuring minority ethnic groups, the dynamic backdrops and the colourful costumes, as well as the wonderful presentation of minority ethnic groups' traditional arts.

Mr. Wu added that he overheard an audience member sitting next to him say that it was indeed remarkable to see such a wonderful show in Taiwan, and that this show was worth seeing again and again.

Nantou County Councilor: 'Excellent!'

Newly elected Nantou County Councillor of Lugu Township, Ms. Wu Ruifang, attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company's second show at the Yuan Lin Performance Hall on April 7th, along with her daughter, who is a college student.

"Excellent! It's great! It's really worthwhile. I'll definitely see the show again," Ms. Wu exclaimed after the show.

Councillor Wu also said that she would invite others to see the performance. "As long as one sees Shen Yun, his life will not be in vain," she said.

It was Councillor Wu's first time to see Shen Yun and she had nothing but praise for the classical Chinese dance and music company. "It was indeed a high-class and high-level performance!" she said.

Ms. Wu shared her overall impression of the production, saying, "Judging from the costumes and the facial expressions, [Shen Yun's female dancers] looked like the fairies in heaven. They made the audience feel very comfortable. The matching of the dancers and the dynamic backdrops was perfect. ... The overall coordination was also wonderful. Perfect! I've never seen a show like this."

The audience greatly enjoyed the performance of soprano Huang Pi-ju and requested that she sing an encore. Ms. Wu said she was deeply inspired by the lyrics of these two songs, remarking that they are very meaningful.

Changhua County Councilor: 'This is a world class performance!'

After seeing the Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company's 2010 premiere in Changhua at the Yuanlin Performance Hall on the evening of April 6th, Changhua County Councilor Lai Ching-mei said, "This is a world class performance."

Councilor Lai greatly admired the entire show, remarking that the programmes were very well organised and very moving. The dances of ethnic minority groups, such as In a Miao Village, Mongolian Hospitality and Tibetan Dance of Praise, greatly fascinated the audience. Ms. Lai was especially impressed with the dramatic performance of Wu Song Battles the Tiger. She was amazed by the fact that this Chinese legendary story of the tiger fighter was illustrated so vividly by way of dance.

Ms. Lai said that as a member of the party caucus of the County Council, she travels overseas quite often and because she often sees Falun Gong members clarifying the truth at scenic spots, she understands that Falun Gong is under the Chinese communist regime's relentless persecution. After seeing the show today, she understood more about Falun Gong. She was especially moved by the dance Nothing Can Block the Divine Path, which depicts the persecution of Falun Gong

Councilor Lai said that when Shen Yun comes again next year, she will invite more friends to see the show so that they too can enjoy this artistic feast.

'There are profound connotations behind the programmes'

Many prominent residents in the Changhua area have attended the world-renowned show. Among the packed audience was Mr. Chang Kuang-hsiung, the incumbent Changhua County Yongsi village chief, who was formerly a board member of the Changhua Northwest Lions Club and the Changhua Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.

Mr. Chang attended the show along with his family on April 7th, 2010. Deeply moved by the performance, he exclaimed, "I felt it was really beautiful, as if it was performed by deities from heaven."

Mr. Chang highly praised the performances and the choreography. He said that not only was it very beautiful, but it was also very meaningful.

"In fact, there are profound connotations behind the programs. Take the song sung by soprano Ms. Huang Pi-ju for instance. The lyrics were very thought provoking."

Mr. Chang said that Shen Yun conveyed good messages, and that he felt that the show transported him "to a righteous dimension."

He added out that every piece brought him a magnificent feeling. Impressed by the performance depicting Falun Gong practitioners' steadfastness in their belief, Mr. Chang said in great delight, "It [Shen Yun] lets people understand the benefits of practising Falun Gong. I would also like to learn Falun Gong after returning home."

After the show, Chang Kuang-hsiung said happily, "Everyone in my family has a ticket. Dozens of my family members will come to the show tomorrow."







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