Chinese Scholar Wang Weiluo: 'Shen Yun dances present pure compassion'

The New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company gave its final performance in Frankfurt's Jahrhunderthalle on March 14. Dr. Wang Weiluo, a renowned hydrologist now living in Germany and the author of the book Thirty-six Strategies of the Three Georges Project, travelled 160 miles to watch Shen Yun in Frankfurt. The artists were honoured with three curtain calls and resounding applause throughout the performances.

Dr. Wang expressed his appreciation for Shen Yun, saying that he saw many young, second generation Chinese who had grown up overseas and had not lived in China, displaying such a deep understanding of the traditional Chinese culture in their performances. "This is a kind of superior realm", Dr. Wang said, "You must understand the traditional Chinese culture before you can present it from your heart."

He said that he had seen many shows in China and that they "were not traditional. Though their technique was traditional, their content was not. Their content was commercialised."

Wang Weiluo, a renowned hydrologist now living in Germany.

Reflecting on the performances, Dr. Wang said, "I think what was presented by Shen Yun is human nature, the kind side of human nature. Their dances present pure compassion, and pass on a message of 'compassion.'"

Many Western audience members have said that they get to see another China through Shen Yun.

Dr. Wang said, "I think Westerners respect and admire Chinese culture very much, but it is often very difficult for them to understand what true Chinese culture is. In today's China, it is precisely a combination of the worst of Chinese culture and the worst of capitalist economy. It is another kind of combination".

It has been reported that many Chinese communities had received notice from the Chinese Embassy, telling them not to see the performance, so many people became afraid to see Shen Yun. Dr. Wang suggests that the Chinese people should not fear the embassy and see Shen Yun for themselves. He said that only by watching it can one find out whether it is good for oneself. "Others say that it is good or bad, it is others' saying. You have to bravely walk into this theater to experience it yourself. Then you will see these young performers, and you will feel younger yourself!"

Moved to Tears

Dr. Wang was in tears when he watched the dance Nothing Can Block the Divine Path. He said, "Perhaps it was because the story of the heroine in that program, or perhaps it was her commitment, or perhaps a kind of inspiration just touched me at that moment, I could not tell."

Dr. Wang said, "I not only look at the stage, I also like to watch the orchestra conductor. I paid attention to Mr. Chen Rutang (the conductor), as I think he has put in all his heart and soul. I also like to watch the erhu performer. I have read about her life experience, ... Yet she could maintain such calmness under the circumstances, this is probably what people call 'Buddha heart'."

"She is very peaceful, and achieving such a realm is not an easy matter." Dr. Wang added, "Sometimes I watch programmes not for whether they danced well, but to look at the performers, the individuals. I feel they are doing this with all their body and soul. If one can put one's whole heart into doing something, then he will definitely be able to do it well."

Dr. Wang said, "What has been done by these performers is very much worth taking a look at. You will feel it is worth it after watching. You will see that these people are striving hard for traditional Chinese culture, and they are doing it with all their devotion."


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