The Icelandic People's Sense of Justice: A Series of Reports from Iceland, Part II

Ever since the Icelandic media reported the Falun Gong incident of refusing entry into Iceland to certain individuals, we attracted even more attention when we walked on the street. In Iceland, black-haired Asians are rarely seen.

Story 1
In the coffee shop of the hotel where I stayed I met a famous writer who is the author of a series of many travelling books. He wanted to write in his book about the situation of Dafa's spread in Iceland and he interviewed me. As he listened, he said angrily, "No one can say that they do not want to see another group of people. Jiang does not have the right to do that."

Sitting next to us was an old man who spoke little English. After reading our pamphlet named "Witness," he was shocked. He said excitedly, "These pictures are enough to prove the facts. How can he [Jiang] persecute people like this? If Jiang does not like to see you, he should go home." He asked for our website address and said he would add a link to our website on his personal website and put the pictures of our website on the front page of his website. In the end, he kissed the paper that has the Dafa website on it respectfully and carefully tucked it into his wallet.

Story 2
Saturday we started teaching exercises in the park in the centre of the city. On the first day, 55 Icelandic people came to learn, and the majority of them stayed for two-and-a half hours. Sunday, the following day, another 30 people came to learn. Some middle school students learned the exercises at another location on the lawn in front of the government building. Two newspapers reported this as frontline news on Monday. When we walked on the street, lots of times people we didn't know said to us, "We support you!"

Story 3
On Monday afternoon we went to the park and began doing the exercises on time. A middle-aged man came very early. He knows a lot about China and said with lots of feeling, "Jiang did all kinds of bad things. He will receive punishment for sure. If the Icelandic government refused to let you come because of pressure from Jiang, all these Icelandic people would have supported you. It's my honour to meet Falun Gong practitioners. I support you."

Story 4
On June 10th we held a press conference in a hotel. Reporters from almost all of the local media, newspapers and TV stations came. The following day, all made positive reports about Falun Gong. The Morning newspaper, on the papers that were reporting, published two whole pages and three pictures to report about Falun Gong. The article exposed Jiang's base actions. Everyone in the city was talking about this, and more people came to our practice site to learn. The people said, "All of our Icelandic people are on your side."


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