Do Not Be Attached to Eloquence

Some fellow practitioners do not dare to clarify the truth face-to-face, not entirely because of fear, but because of the feeling that they are not eloquent enough to explain things clearly. They are usually practitioners who are introverted and not good at socializing with strangers. They envy practitioners who can talk well. However, they themselves are blocked by their mentality and cannot break through.

People's eloquence probably has something to with their temperament and the scope of their knowledge. I have seen that some practitioners have failed to clarify the truth effectively because they had poor logic and were not to the point.

While clarifying the truth, some practitioners are so easily affected by ordinary people that they lose their train of thought; they follow ordinary people's lead and forget their main subject.

Nevertheless, does an eloquent person clarify the truth more effectively? Not necessarily. For example, I have read an article written by a practitioner who used to be an elite intellectual in ordinary society and was able to talk sharply. When he started practicing cultivation and clarifying the truth, no one could defeat his points. However, those who were speechless after engaging in an argument with him not only would not understand the truth, but they also became furious. The practitioner later realized that he was very selfish and had vied for supremacy, lacked compassion, and simply indulged in talking sharply without caring about whether people could accept what he said. This example shows that being eloquent does not guarantee that one can clarify the truth well.
Mr. Zhong Quichun, who used to follow Teacher to practice cultivation in the early days, shared his experience in the CD entitled "Those Days When We Were with Teacher." When he started practicing cultivation, he had a rift with his wife and he felt wronged. He went to Teacher to complain. Teacher smiled and said this to him after listening to his complaint, "You must treat your spouse nicely after going home." Zhong immediately realized that he was wrong and felt ashamed.

We all know about Teacher's eloquence. Yet, Teacher did not use his eloquence in this matter. He just said something very simple. Think about it. Would the practitioner change if an ordinary person said the same thing to him? Obviously not. What about if an eloquent person gave him a long lecture, would it have the same effect? I think not even a psychiatrist could guarantee it. What then can change people's mind? I think it is Teacher's energy field with immense compassion and selflessness that is capable of rectifying anything that is not right and fundamentally changing disciples. It is "the Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." ("Harmonizing with Fa," Hong Yin)

Teacher said,
"I often say that if all a person wants is the well-being of others and if this is without the slightest personal motivation or personal understanding, what he says will move the listener to tears."("Clearheadedness" in Essentials for Further Advancement)
If we reach this realm and have compassionate and selfless hearts that persist in saving people, their bad sides will be restricted in our energy field. How can people's knowing sides not be moved and not accept the truth? At that time perhaps just saying one sentence is enough to save a person, and it doesn't matter if you are eloquent or not.
Therefore, being able to clarify the truth well has nothing to do with being eloquent or not. It actually has something to do with whether one has an upright mentality. If we over-emphasize people's superficial eloquence and neglect our state of mind, we have gone too far. Teacher has left us the most righteous path with his words and his actions to guide us to do well. As long as we do what Teacher has told us to do, we will certainly do well.

I hope fellow practitioners who are blocked by concerns over being eloquent or not will be encouraged to break through this superficial situation, let go of all attachments, assist Teacher in the Fa-rectification, save people, and fulfil their prehistoric vows.

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