Money and Informational Material Sites

As everyone knows, informational material sites have been playing a major role among practitioners and in "clarifying the truth" about Falun Dafa for many years. Because of them, we've been able to read Teacher's new lectures in the Minghui Weekly, and find out about the current situation of Fa-rectification. And without the material sites, it would have been very difficult for us to have made it through.

Previously I used to help our local site, on a specific day once a year, with some money, and then I would come to get materials without asking questions. We seldom talked about money when fellow practitioners were doing Fa study and sharing. But recently when I got in touch with the practitioners in charge of materials, I learned what I hadn't known before, especially about producing the glossy VCD's and the final packaging. To satisfy demand, we had to produce several hundred VCD's a week, costing more than one yuan each, including packaging. It came to a lot of money each month just for burning VCD's.

There are fellow practitioners who have been helping the material site with money, some giving a thousand yuan a month and some less than a hundred; I realized that these people wear only old clothes that others discard and don't buy anything in the market except the necessary food. Even those with a monthly income of only a few hundred yuan such as laid off workers still donate some, although just a little, but their noble spirit deserves our respect.

At present, many lawyers are willing to represent Dafa practitioners, due to the advancement of Fa-rectification, for filing and arguing cases in court. Thus, where and how do we raise funds to settle the increasing expenses? Since we don't have money-making ventures, what we have accomplished has all been done by hard work and frugal practitioners..

People of today perceive money as a very important thing, and are willing to do anything for it, whereas Dafa practitioners, don't view it the same way. Even though money is also important to us, we don't make it for ourselves--we use it for saving the world's people.

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