Experiences In The Appeal During Li Lanqing's visit to Italy

An Italian Practitioner's Testimony (Translation)
By An Italian Practitioner

(Clearharmony. net) Before I went for the peaceful protest in Tuscany Region, I would never believe that I would have felt“indignant”and fear.

When the head of “610 Office,”Li Lanqing, was visiting Italy, I went to Tuscany Region for a peaceful protest. I had never thought that I would have the emotions of “indignation” and fear; however, I really did experience those kind of feelings.

I planed to tell them that Falun Gong practitioners were everywhere in the world. Though we are just a minor group, we are all well prepared for telling people that“Falun Dafa is good” at any moment. However, in Florence, something that I could never have imagined happened.

Though we had had the permission for protesting, authorized by the police headquarters, we were nevertheless driven away. I saw all the faces of the Chinese delegation everywhere. They were taking pictures and making all kinds of gestures. Then, the policemen started to drive us away. They wanted us to hide behind the garbage bins and the minibuses, so that Li Lanqing would not see us. They even blocked the regular traffic to let the delegation drive in the wrong direction. My Goodness! At this moment, I really felt “exasperated”! I took off my yellow vest, and hid it, pretending that nothing had happened. I wanted to put the yellow vest on when the motorcade came. I really did so, and I felt satisfied with it.

When I came back to our group, I held a banner. The Italian policemen were forced by the Chinese officials to drive us to a small street, so that they would not see us. “Are we in Italy?”I asked myself. By request of a Chinese officer, the Italian policemen asked me to hide the banner written in Chinese. He asked me what was written on it. I told him. The policeman told me that the Chinese officials thought that the words on the banner were abusive language towards them. The Chinese officials made gestures with anger and hatred, yelling some words that we did not understand. The policeman said that he wanted to take my banner away. He did it without using violence. The Chinese official was just beside me, so I said with a very peaceful and normal voice, “Are you afraid of good things?” His face then became twisted because of anger. Perhaps out of hatred, I saw him walking towards me with his arm rising high. At that moment, I felt afraid. If the Italian policeman were not there, he would have really beaten me. The policeman let me move backward. At this point, the policeman also became nervous and afraid. He asked other policemen to lead us to another small street, so that the Chinese delegation would not see us. Then, I remembered the Falun Gong practitioners in China. I felt ashamed of my fears.

After a while, I realized that we were actually victorious. To avoid us, they drove against the traffic and changed their route, whereas we were in fact just a small group of peaceful people. We have moved the policemen. They could hardly believe what they had heard about the persecution happening in China.

The same situation happened on the previous day in Rome. One aged man and we three aged women sat still in front of the embassy. At this moment, three police cars rushed towards us. Then they hesitated to come up to us, because they also felt ridiculous. They nearly apologized to us. So we took the opportunity to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to them.

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