Mr. Zheng Fangjun Dies from the Persecution He Endured While in a Forced Labour Camp

Mr. Zheng Fangjun, a resident of Suining City, Sichuan Province, served two sentences in the Xinhua Forced Labour Camp. Throughout his confinement, he persisted in his beliefs and refused to write a repentance statement, or letter denouncing Falun Gong. As a result, he was held in the Xinhua Forced Labour Camp for an additional term.

Mr. Zheng Fangjun was a simple and honest farmer who started practising Falun Gong in 1996. He used to collect old furniture, newspapers, and assorted items for extra money to help pay for his home.

After the persecution began in July 1999, Mr. Zheng went to Beijing to appeal, but was arrested and taken to the Xinhua Forced Labour Camp in Mianyang City. Soon after his release, he was arrested in Chendu City and returned to the Xinhua Forced Labour Camp in Mianyang City.

On February 13th, 2004, at a "rally of criticism" in the No.2 Ward of the sixth Team, practitioners Fangjun, Li Yonghong, Wailang, Liu Yongsheng, Wang Renwei, Huang Changdong and many more were brutally beaten with ropes, sticks and fists by prison guards Fu Weidong and others for shouting "Falun Gong is good." Practitioners Mr. Zheng Fangjun, Li Yonghong, Wang Renwei and Huang Changdong were then forced to wear steel helmets as an additional torture.

After he was transferred to the No.2 Ward of the Sixth Team, Mr. Zheng he talked to other inmates about the truth behind the persecution of Falun Gong. However, he was taken to a meeting room by guards Fu Weidong and Dong Hai, and suffered brutal beatings and electric shock treatments. His eyelids were inflamed; his nose and mouth were bleeding due to the torture. He was forced to wear a steel helmet and monitored by five or six inmates each day and night. Practitioner Mr. Chen Lian from Guangyuan City suffered the same torture as Mr. Zheng.

Mr. Zheng Fangjun was held in the Xinhua Forced labour Camp for an additional six months. After his release in 2005, he was taken to the Guananju Police Station by local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officers. The officials intended to transfer Mr Zheng to a brainwashing centre for further persecution, but Mr. Zheng escaped by jumping into a river at night, and forced to leave home in order to avoid further persecution. During this period, he could not eat properly and developed asthma as a result of the persecution. He died on July 21st, 2009, at only 44 years of age.

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