A Letter from the Executive Committee of Italian Labour Union to Italian Vice Prime Minister Fini

Respectful Mr. Fini:

We write to you as citizens of a nation proclaiming to worship freedom and justice.

According to news reports, tomorrow you will receive Li Lanqing, the Chinese Vice Premier, also head of 610 office. Reliable information indicates that the duty of the 610 office is police work. The 610 office is an organisation whose powers and functions override those of general security units. Now its function is designed solely to crush down Falun Gong… a Buddha and Tao spiritual movement. The goal of this movement is to rejuvenate Chinese traditional culture that had been seriously damaged during the Great Cultural Revolution.

In the past 20 years, the world has witnessed less good things but more bitterness and tribulations. Falun Gong, an absolute non-profit-seeking organisation, has brought physical and mental benefits to hundreds of thousands of practitioners in China and abroad. The Chinese Falun Gong practitioners have been suffering for two years Chinese government’s harsh persecution even though they have not been involved in politics at all. The reasons could only be found in Chinese absolute doctrine.

Practitioners have continuously disappeared, been cruelly tortured and killed. Female practitioners have been raped. The state-controlled media has continuously fabricated reports that these events are isolated cases or suicide. As we know, five thousand practitioners in Changchun have been arrested recently. The state media released erroneous information that Falun Gong practitioners were planning to commit a large-scale and mass suicide. This could be the prelude to a massacre, because Falun Gong prohibits suicide.

International human rights organisations, including Amnesty International, have paid grave attention to the persecution of Falun Gong, The persecutions also have caught the attention of Italian newspapers and magazines.. Dozens of people have shown their concerns over the matter, including influential politicians.

It is clear that China’s persecutions of Falun Gong violated the International Human Rights Convention and the principles of justice on the basis of which the United Nations has been established.

On these grounds, we hereby asked you, Mr.Fini, to do your best to help end those brutalities. .. Please let Li know, during his visit here, our opinion that China cannot expect to become our partner while holding a moral view so different from ours. Neither can we engage in economic cooperation with China while ignoring what she is doing.

Source: Yuanmingeurope.net

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