Scotland: Exercise Demonstration Shows Peaceful Nature of Falun Gong to Visiting Chinese Dignitary

The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Chairman Li Ruihuan and his retinue visited Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, on May 30th. Falun Gong practitioners had known that he would go to the Palace of Holyrood House at 3 p.m. Therefore they went to the group practice site which was assigned to them by the police earlier in order to welcome Li Ruihuan. Besides Falun Gong practitioners, some Chinese student groups who were invited by the Chinese embassy were also standing outside the palace. The interesting thing is that when Falun Gong practitioners just arrived, the Chinese students said, “Look, Falun Gong.” It seems that they were very familiar with the special yellow clothes worn by Falun Gong practitioners. Those Falun Gong practitioners also greeted them in a friendly manner, and gave each of them a brochure clarifying the truth about Falun Gong.

In the past, when Falun Gong practitioners practiced exercises or held parade activities, people could see many colourful banners, slogans, as well as balloons. However, this time it was rare that Falun Gong practitioners had not displayed any slogans and banners at their practice site. They just followed the exercise music and repeatedly practiced the 5 exercises. They transmitted a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Even the Chinese students were engrossed in watching.

With the police cars slowly approaching, Chinese students groups had started to beat drums and strike gongs and were ready to welcome Li Ruihuan. However, the Chinese students, who had been organized by them, seemed as though they hadn’t seen enough of Falun Gong. They had also forgotten to yell slogans. On the other hand, Falun Gong practitioners were still peacefully practising exercises.

Next, Falun Gong practitioners quickly went to the Palace Garden because the representatives were due to visit there soon. When these practitioners arrived at the main entrance of the Palace Garden, the Chinese students groups were already there. In the crowd many people greeted our Falun Gong practitioners. Some Chinese students also took photos of Falun Gong practitioners who were practicing exercises. It was the same as in front of palace of Holyrood House, Falun Gong still had no slogans and banners; they were just quietly practising exercises. In a moment, it was raining heavily. However, Falun Gong practitioners weren’t influenced at all but practiced exercises quietly. Those Chinese students, evading the rain, all quietly watched the practitioners’ backs as they practiced in the rain.

One Falun Gong practitioner’s words dispelled people’s questions of why Falun Gong is practiced peacefully here “We are here not to resist or to be against the government. We just want the Chinese central leaders to see how peaceful and harmonious Falun Gong is and let them know that many people overseas also like this exercise. Falun Gong has never set itself against the government, nor has any political agendas. We just clarify the truth and appeal to stop the persecution. We have no demands or requirements on any governments as well as individuals. We just hope everyone could know the truth of Falun Gong.”

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