Eliminating Karma and Cultivating the Heart

From Master's Fa lectures, I have understood that anything that a cultivator encounters is not accidental and contains elements that the practitioner needs to cultivate. However, only by using the criteria of Dafa to judge and handle any issues and conflicts has one really cultivated him or herself and walked along the righteous path, that is, had righteous enlightenment. A recent incident allowed me to gain more understanding in this regard, and I wanted to share it with fellow practitioners. Please help me by pointing out anything improper in my sharing.

A little after 9:00 p.m. on the evening of May 17, I suddenly fainted and lost consciousness in the bathroom of my home. My wife later woke me up. After that, I felt pain in the rear, left side of my head. I touched that area and found it swollen. Because it was so painful, I couldn't touch it.

I then started looking inward to see what loopholes of mine had been exploited by the evil. After a while, I found a large number of attachments. However, I still didn't feel satisfied because I had known about these attachments for a long time. I didn't need to search to find them, and it was just that I sometimes did well and sometimes not in these aspects.

While I kept thinking about it, an incident from Zhuan Falun came to mind,
"...when I taught a class in Changchun, there was a person with very good inborn quality, who was indeed a good prospect. I found him to be very good and increased his tribulations a little bit so that he could quickly repay karma and become enlightened--I was preparing it this way. Yet one day he suddenly seemed to suffer cerebral thrombosis and fell to the ground. He felt that he could not move and as though his four limbs were out of commission. He was sent to a hospital for emergency rescue. He was then able to walk again. Think about it, everyone: With cerebral thrombosis, how could one walk around and move both arms and legs again so quickly? Instead, he blamed Falun Dafa for making him go wrong. He did not think about it: How could he recover so quickly from cerebral thrombosis? If he had not practiced Falun Dafa at that time, he might have really died there when he fell. Perhaps he would have become paralyzed for the rest of his life and would have indeed had cerebral thrombosis." ("Your Mind Must be Right," Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

We all know that in this instance, Master had eliminated that person's karma and there was just a tiny bit of it left for that person to bear. If he had been able to bear it, that karma would have been completely dissolved. When I thought about this, I immediately understood and I truly thanked Master from the bottom of my heart for his benevolent salvation and protection.

I know that it was because of the old forces' persecution and interference that I experienced this situation. As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, I should completely negate the old forces' arrangements. But because I had not done well, my loopholes had been exploited, which resulted in this serious situation. It was a disgrace to me. In thinking about it further, if this incident had happened in public, instead of my own home, there's no telling what the consequence would have been, since Dafa is still being persecuted. My own safety would have been seriously at risk, and I would also have tarnished the image of Dafa. This could have caused losses to saving sentient beings. As a matter of fact, my wife also yelled at me, saying, "If you had fainted outside our home and run into a big danger or something else, how would I and our child have been able to survive!" After I thought about it carefully, I realized that although this incident appeared to be incidental, it actually was not. Although I was taken advantage of due to my own gaps, I was under Master's protection after all. The evil's arrangement had been utilized by Master for my own improvement, so it had no negative impact.

It is because of my attachment and some historic reasons that my loopholes had been exploited. Master just utilized this opportunity to allow me to improve myself and eliminate my karma and have me pay back the debts I owed in history. As long as I can treat it with righteous thoughts, any issue can be resolved in a perfect way. I have truly witnessed Master's great compassion and Master's careful consideration for me.
From the Fa I have understood that amidst cultivation we all have karma to dissolve, tribulations to pass, pain to suffer, and debts to pay back. How could it be possible for us to not experience mishaps and tribulations, and instead have smooth sailing all the way to our consummation? Regardless of whether it is during the Fa-rectification cultivation period or during the personal cultivation period, we should not overlook our own cultivation. For whatever problems we encounter, we should unconditionally look inward and cultivate ourselves, rectify each and every thought of ours according to the Fa, and view everything with righteous thoughts. Then, "Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." (Zhuan Falun) And all issues will become the best things for us.

Through this incident, I also came to the understanding that as long as we firmly believe in Master and Dafa, the old forces' interference and persecution, regardless of how severe they appear, will not work and will be utilized by Master to improve our xinxing (character), increase our gong, consummate all the things that Dafa disciples need, and turn the bad things into good ones. As long as we can walk our paths righteously, because everything is under Master's control, all the old forces' arrangements will be transient like air, and the evil will not achieve the effects that it wants. As long as we can do well and think and act righteously, we will be able to save more sentient beings and fulfil the historic oaths that we made.

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