Peaceful Appeal during Visit of Chinese Vice Premier to Rome and Florence

By Italian practitioners

We spent the last week following the Chinese Vice Premier Li Lanqing, sadly notorious as the head of the 610 Office, expressly created to crack down on Falun Gong.

It has been an arduous undertaking to be present at the various appointments and, above all, with the regular permission of the police headquarters. We were present in Rome at the Chinese Embassy, by the "Palazzo del Quirinale" (house of the President of the Italian Republic). Next we were at "Palazzo Chigi" (seat of the Italian Government) and at "Villa Pamphily".

The most spectacular meeting was in Florence at "Palazzo Bastogi" (seat of the Regional Council). We arrived in Florence by heart and not by brain. The appointment seemed to be disregarded, no one seemed to be aware of it at all. We monitored Florence and just when the police began to appear near by "Palazzo Bastogi", we gathered in Via Cavour.

Although we had a regular permit signed by the police commissioner of Florence, we were still sent away by policemen, who gently led us away because of dispositions received from a higher authority.

That higher authority seemed to be the Chinese secret services.

Although they sent us away, it is impossible to extinguish the voice of truth and prevent peaceful people from exposing the horrific crimes against humanity that are occurring in China today.


Practitioners doing Fa Zheng Nian in the rain in front of Palazzo Chigi in Rome.A photographer of the chinese secret services while filming the practitioners in Rome.
The Falun Gong practitioners and members of the Association "HandsOffCain".Meditation and practice near by Villa Pamphily where a reception in honor of Li Lanqing is taking place.
Meditation and candlelight vigil in front of Villa Pamphily.
Always under observation: Agents of the Chinese secret service take pictures of practitioners as they meditate.


Waiting under the sun the vice Chinese vice Prime Minister parade, kept secret till the last moment.Practitioners are courteously sent away...
"The director": a man of the Chinese secret services together with Italian policemen in FlorenceJust before the arrival of Li Lanqing.
The tension increases...Distribution of flyers in Piazza della Signoria.

Practice of the Falun Gong exercises in Piazza Signoria.

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