Italian media: Economic and human rights issues were brought up during the meeting with Li Lanqing

AGI News Agency reported on May 24 that Italy’s Vice Prime Minister met with Li Lanqing, Vice President of the China State Council and head of the 610 Office. They spoke of economic and human rights issues. The translation is as follows:

Italian Vice Prime Minister Feni and Chinese Vice Premier Li Lanqing held a talk for more than one hour in the CHIGI Building. Issues concerning bilateral economic cooperation, immigration, human rights and catholic churches were brought up at the talk.

When talking about the issues regarding human rights and freedom of religion, Vice Prime Minister Feni said: “I’d like to explicitly urge the Chinese government to continue to guarantee the true freedom of religion, and eliminate the differential treatments between “patriotic churches” and the so-called “underground churches” because it is unacceptable for us.” After the talk, the Vice Prime Minister told reporters: “It was a critical ‘dialogue’; In terms of dialogue, when both sides have very different views on value, a dialogue should be necessary.”

Italian National News Agency (ANSA) reported:

(Rome, 17:30, May 24) When Progressive Party, human right organization “HANDS OFF CAIN”, Falun Gong and Tibetan groups protested against Chinese Vice Premier Li Lanqing’s visit in front of the CHIGI Building, Chinese delegation’s motorcade was entering the venue through the back entrance to avoid seeing the protesters. According to a Progressive Party’s news release, “Though such vicious strategies were taken, a group of Progressive Party members standing around the back entrance bumped into Chinese delegation. They swayed their party flags, Tibetan and Falun Gong’s posters within a distance of two metres away from the motorcade. Then police blockaded these protesters immediately. According to this news release, this most vicious dictator could only enter the CHIGI Building through the back entrance.

(Translated on May 31, 2002, from

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