Evidence of the torture of Austrian Mr Hamrle by the Chinese Police

Below is the photo taken on 17th May 2002, 5 days after Mr Hamrle was tortured by Chinese Police.

Wound on right wrist caused by handcuffs

Mr Hamrle was cuffed so roughly that even now his fingers still feel numb

The dark mark on Mr Hamrle’s arms caused by violent kicking

Below is Mr Hamrle’s testimony:

--As soon as my hotel room was broken in, around 8 or 10 policemen beleaguered me, claiming that they were carrying out a “routine passport check”.

--In the street I was kept on the ground. Someone stepped his foot on top of my head. I was then hand cuffed and carried into the police van upside down.

--They kicked my legs and punched my face.

--Because I was cuffed so tightly, black marks were left on my right wrist. Even after one week the four fingers of my left hand and my whole right hand still feel numb.

Translated from http://www.yuanmingeurope.net/articles/200205/8388.html

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