My Cultivation Story

I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. Before that, I had many illnesses. According to Chinese medicine, I was severely deficient in both vital energy and blood. I couldn't raise one arm above my shoulder. Due to back pain and lower back pain, I could only sit up for a few minutes at a time. When going out, I had to take several breaks just to walk one mile. After cultivating Dafa, I experienced what it was like to be free of pain. Besides the health benefit, I also witnessed the miracles of Dafa and felt Teacher's benevolent care for disciples.

I had very limited education. When reading, I could only slowly read one word at a time, and I didn't know how to read silently. Once, while I was struggling to read the Fa at home, my daughter who was washing clothes shouted, "Who reads a book like this? Take it to another place to read!" I burst out in anger and scolded her, and she left. Then I cried. I knew that I had not been able to maintain my xinxing (heart and mind nature/ character). I went to Teacher's picture and very sadly said in tears, "Teacher, Dafa is really good. But, it is so hard for me to study it. I want to study the Fa."

After a little while, I picked up Zhuan Falun to read again, and I found something strange. Whichever line I was reading, the characters on that line became big and colourful. The characters on the lines above or below that line were small. Only the line that I was reading had large and bright characters. I was very excited. Teacher was helping me and encouraging me to study the Fa. Since then, I've been able to read the book easily, either reading silently or reading it out loud.

Going to Beijing to Validate the Fa

The persecution of Falun Dafa by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began shortly after my husband and I started cultivation. We became firmer and firmer while validating the Fa, and more and more mature and rational.

When the persecution started, I went with other practitioners to Beijing to validate Dafa. Maybe because I had some impure thoughts for this trip, after I displayed the banner and shouted "Falun Dafa is good," I was arrested and taken to a police station far away. The police there tried both soft and hard approaches to ask for my name and address, but I refused to tell them. They sent a policeman named Liu who pretended to be a Dafa practitioner. Liu tried to dig the information out from me, but I saw through his tricks. They sent a few former practitioners who had betrayed Dafa to persuade me, but I didn't cooperate with the evil. Instead, I kept asking Teacher to strengthen me. When the police wanted to take my picture, I shook my head to move my hair in front of my face.
They took me to a detention centre, but the medical check-up showed some problems, so they decided to let me go. Several policemen rode in the car they used to take me away. On the way, I kept telling them to remember that Falun Dafa is good and not to do bad things to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, otherwise they would get retribution. They all agreed. A tall team leader said, "Elder sister, I will remember it. Long Live Li Hongzhi!" He handed me a fresh bottle of spring water and said, "You have not drunk or eaten for a few days. Drink some water first. When you finish this bottle, don't throw it away. You don't have much money and you cannot afford to eat, but you have to drink water. When you are thirsty, go to any restaurant and ask them to fill the bottle up with their tap water." Then they let me out and started to drive away. I staggered toward two forklift trucks. One of the policemen ran back and pulled me aside, "Don't you want to live any more? You are so weak. If the forklift truck driver does not see you, he may kill you by accident. Go walk on the side." They were really caring toward me. Whenever thinking of that moment, my thoughts were complicated. Yes, many policemen have very kind natures, but they are being used by the old forces to do bad things. I must try my best to save those policemen who were deceived by the CCP.

With only a few dozen yuan and under Teacher's protection, I was able to return home safely.

Saving the Kids in the Training Class

I once signed a contract to manage the cafeteria for a training class on quyi, a folk art form that includes singing ballads, telling stories, and comic dialog. To save those kids, I treated them very kindly. They all wanted to share their feelings with me, and I looked for opportunities to clarify the truth (about falun gong and its illegal persecution in China) to each of them and ask them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. When their lyrics had content slandering Dafa, I went and asked them to change it and to be responsible for their own lives. One day, several kids dragged a crying boy to me. That boy apologized to me in tears, saying he would never say anything to slander Dafa again. He was about fifteen and his parents were divorced. I asked him what happened. He said that he had written a poem that contained several lines slandering Dafa and that the kids who understood the truth had scolded him. They said, "Our auntie told us to remember that Dafa is good. You should not write such things. Go apologize to auntie."
After my truth clarification, all of the teachers and each of the over forty kids in the first training class understood the truth and they all quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Later, the training organizers took over the cafeteria themselves. I then started my own business selling food and business was good. When they started the second training class, they asked me to cook for them again. I was paid four hundred "yuan" a month. It was much less than what I got from selling food myself, but I still took the job for the sake of the kids. All those kids also understood the truth and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

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