Whole Family Witnessed the Power of Falun Gong and Started to Practice

Another practitioner introduced me to the practice in June 2005, and I have cultivated ever since. Now I would like to share my experiences of how I got my whole family to practice Falun Gong. I am grateful for Master's great compassion so that people could witness the power of Dafa. I am grateful to other practitioners. With their unselfish help, I am making progress one step at a time.

I once worked with Jun for over a year and gradually learned she was a Falun Gong practitioner whom had cultivated for a long time. I discovered her to be different from ordinary people, which influenced me greatly. In 2005 she brought me a copy of Zhuan Falun. Reading the book the first time changed my outlook on life, and I was deeply touched by this universal law. I told Jun right away, "I want to practice Falun Gong and go with Master to return home." When I got home, I told my wife and children about Falun Gong. They had many doubts but did not interfere with my practice. I practiced by myself for almost a year, due to my ego.

The power of Dafa saved my father's life; the whole family joined the practice

One day in September 2006, my 75-year-old father, who lives in a mountain village, was suddenly very ill. The neighbours brought him to my house. He had swollen feet and hands, could not stand, and his speech was unintelligible. He said he saw many ants and snakes in my house, which scared me. We took him to a local hospital. After a week's hospitalization, the doctors could not arrive at a diagnosis. His symptoms were getting worse and he was deteriorating. He could only take two spoonfuls of rice soup per day and had black, tarry stools. He was later transferred to the county hospital where he stayed for five days, but there was no sign of recovery. Nearly two weeks' hospitalization had cost us 5,000 yuan. Finally, the doctor called me aside and suggested that I take him home, make him comfortable, and prepare for the worst.

Staying in bed for another two weeks at home, he hurt everywhere, and his condition was getting worse. When neighbours and relatives visited him, they shook their heads and tried to offer a small ray of hope for his survival. I was very emotional and tried to comfort my father. All of a sudden I remembered that I was a Falun Gong practitioner. Master said, "with one person practicing, the whole family benefits." ("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia," May 1999)

What had I done? I had completely forgotten who I was when my father was taken ill. Quickly, I called my wife and our three sons and a daughter together and said, "Do you remember I have mentioned before that I practice Falun Gong? Have you realized that we have not bought any medicine for a year? I am healthy now. In the past I had poor health and our house was packed with all kinds of medicines. Master told us to become a better person and to return to our original, true self. If one believes in Dafa, one will have good fortune--including a longer life. The evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has poisoned your minds for a long time. You all know my father's condition. If he believes in Falun Gong, a miracle may happen. I sincerely hope that you believe in Dafa and Master." My wife and children stood by me and believed what I had said.

I then talked to my father. I explained to him about the goodness of the practice and the onset of the CCP persecution on June 20, 1999, and the Party's evil deeds and corruption over the years, paralleling his own experiences. He was finally convinced and expressed his strong belief in Falun Gong.

I taught him to repeat, "Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." My father was so weak that he could not even complete a sentence. I asked him to repeat it with me, word for word, and then make a whole sentence when he was able to. The fifth day he could sit up for ten minutes, and his swollen feet started to improve. Five days later he could walk for five minutes with an assistant. He could eat a small bowl of rice soup with a steamed bun in the morning and a small bowl of rice at noon. He regained his energy. After one month he could walk by himself and had made a full recovery.

My father insisted on going back to his mountain home to spend the Chinese New Year with my mother, so I took him back. His neighbours were amazed at his recovery and asked what treatments he took. He looked healthier than even before when he got sick.

We are grateful to Master and Dafa from the bottom of our hearts for giving my father a second life. My family of seven began to practice. The oldest person, my father, is 75, and the youngest is eight years old. Since my parents cannot read, I told them to do everything according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, to watch Master's lecture video tapes, and to believe in Dafa.

The doctor from the county hospital eventually called me to follow up with my father's status. He was astounded and could not believe that my father had fully recovered. My parents are now in their late 70s, are continuing cultivation, and are healthy. They can ride bicycles for fifty miles without difficulty, collect wood from the mountain and bring it home, and work in the fields. The neighbours praised my wife for looking after my parents and applaud her for helping my father recover. She was there the whole time during my father's illness and took care of him.

My father was hurt after a high voltage electrical shock

It was close to the Dragon Boat Festival in 2007. One day it was wet in the morning because of a heavy rain the night before. My father went to the backyard to cut down several stalks of bamboo because he was worried that they were now tall enough to reach the high voltage wires. They could conduct electricity and possibly hurt people crossing the street. An unexpected thing happened. One stalk did not fall away from the wire, it fell on the wire. The wet bamboo carried the high voltage electricity to the ground where my father stood. He had a machete in one hand and the end of the bamboo stalk in the other hand. The electricity sparked to him and shocked him, and he collapsed. Three neighbours witnessed this. They were frightened and thought the shock must have killed him, even though he had recovered from a deadly disease the year before. To their surprise, my father jumped up from the ground and ran over to them with the machete still in his hand. They could not believe their eyes. My father was not hurt at all. Later they asked him how he was able to run so fast. My father said, "I don't know--the wind must've blown me over."

Several days later, the county electrical company was notified about this incident. They were worried about my father's health, asked him to have a complete physical in a hospital, and offered him the complimentary package, including transportation. My parents told them that was not necessary and that my father was very healthy. Neither the company nor the neighbours understood. The free medical evaluation and free transportation were such a good deal, and not many people could get this kind of treatment except higher level government officials. I did not know about this incident until neighbours brought it up when I visited my parents last June. After my parents verified the events, I just said, "Do you know the reason why Dad was safe? Master and Dafa were there to protect you." From this incident, my family witnessed again the power of Dafa.

The power of Dafa enhanced our firm commitment to cultivate Dafa--all seven of us. We are grateful for Master and Dafa. We will cultivate Dafa and collaborate with other practitioners to explain to others about the goodness of Dafa and the evilness of the persecution and go home with Master.

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