Russia: Art Exhibition in Novorossiysk

On February 27th, 2008, an art exhibition entitled "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance – Art Inspired by Gods" was officially opened in one of the largest rooms in the Novorossiysk Historical Museum. Ms. Larisa Alexandrovna Kolbasina, the Director of the Memorial Complex, gave a speech at the opening ceremony. She pointed out that this exhibition would be an important event for the city of Novorossiysk and its citizens.

The executive and legislative authorities of the city, directors of the major enterprises gave their support to the exhibition. The atmosphere at the opening ceremony was warm and friendly. Over 1,600 people visited the exhibition, many of them enjoyed the paintings, and a lot of people wrote their rave reviews in the guest book. The guides for the exhibition (there were just 4 or 5 persons) worked every day without any time out or days-off. Some visitors stayed at the exhibition for several hours listening to the guides and enjoying the paintings.

On the third day of the exhibition people talked about it in trolleybuses – this news spread all over the city.

During the last day of the exhibition the room housing the paintings was crowded till the closing time in the evening. It was hard for the city to say good-bye to the exhibition.

Below are some reviews made by the visitors to the exhibition:

"Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition for Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance.
Sincerely yours,
Larisa and Alexander Levashov,
Winners of the UN International award ORIGAMI "World Tree"

"Thank you for this exhibition! It's a miracle! Let good ever be!" - Diana

"Thank you for your efforts and for truth" - Shilov

"We thank both those who organized this exhibition, and those who are true followers of the Falun Dafa teaching and practice. Wishing you to have many followers."

"We thank your Teacher for that He has such good disciples."

"Many thanks to the organizers of the exhibitions for joyful and pure feelings. At this exhibition a person is cleared from vanity, routine and comes in contact with spiritual and beautiful things."

"Thank you for this interesting information, which cannot be find anywhere. You do well, and what you do is important. I wish to tell everybody about Falun Gong, and I wish to help you."

"It's great we can learn something new. It [the exhibition] inspires respect, admiration and it's so vibrant. It's great that we can remember of that we could become kinder and wiser, and that everything is our hands. The most important thing is that belief with which everyone is born. Thank you very much for your labour of love and your kind hearts".

"I thank the organizers for this opportunity for people to understand the idea that we must live according to the high Law, and be kind. It is possible to turn the people of the globe to good."

"The exhibition is so moving and interesting. It's vivid and full of inner sense. I would like such exhibitions to be held as often as possible. Thank you".

The Guest Book contains many other warm and cordial comments.
The exhibition lasted 10 days.

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